Nov 2020 Blogathon: Alixandra Giordano

It is Brelby tradition to dedicate the month of November to giving a platform for our artists to share their stories. This month our annual Blogathon theme is “Shifting Perspectives”. We’ve spent a large portion of 2020 with our stage dark, but that doesn’t mean that our artists haven’t been growing, changing and creating. This year we asked them, “How has the pandemic impacted your perspective on theatre, the arts, and life? What are your hopes for the future of theatre?”
Enjoy this year’s series with 30 Days of Blogs.

Day 3: Alixandra Giordano

The last few months of the pandemic have taken quite a toll on me in terms of my passion for the theatre.  The last show I performed in was actually Carrie the Musical at Brelby. It was my first experience there and I was already planning on auditioning for more shows later that season. Little did I know that the world as I knew it changed drastically in a matter of days after closing weekend.  I, like many other actors, expected this to be a short temporary pause in terms of live theatre. The more alerts I received about Broadway extending its shutdown, the less enthusiastic I was about getting to perform again soon.  I have been performing for over 13 years and never once did I have to, in the wise words of Lin-Manuel Miranda “take a break”.  I was always in a show, I was always singing around my house, I was preparing for so many auditions and every month I would create a new page for my scrapbook after every closing show.  It’s been 8 months since I set foot on a stage and played a character, and my perspective changed drastically. I felt hopeless and very alone without theatre.  Without the arts, I felt empty and that my own life had no color anymore.  It was grey for a long time and now I can positively say now that live theatre is returning I know once I get to perform again (whenever that may be) life won’t feel grey anymore for me.  My hopes for the future of theatre is that we can all continue to follow CDC guidelines even when a vaccine is developed. Shows with small casts should be produced more, everyone is always aiming for the big branding musicals and while I love them just as much as any other thespian, I think it would be fun to expand horizons and try new things.

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