Nov 2020 Blogathon: Anabel Olguin

It is Brelby tradition to dedicate the month of November to giving a platform for our artists to share their stories. This month our annual Blogathon theme is “Shifting Perspectives”. We’ve spent a large portion of 2020 with our stage dark, but that doesn’t mean that our artists haven’t been growing, changing and creating. This year we asked them, “How has the pandemic impacted your perspective on theatre, the arts, and life? What are your hopes for the future of theatre?”
Enjoy this year’s series with 30 Days of Blogs.

Day 4: Anabel Olguin

I think it is safe to say that we all took many things in life for granted before the pandemic struck. Things that were part of our daily lives were suddenly ripped away.

Personally, theatre was one of those things that had become a constant occurrence in my life. It wasn’t just my job, it was also my “hobby”. It has been about 9 months since I’ve been involved in a theatre production. This is the longest I’ve gone without doing a show since my high school days, and I hope it doesn’t stay that way much longer.

I think that all this time away from the performing arts really served as a reminder of why they are so important. I saw several memes stating that during these dark and uncertain times, people turned to the arts to help keep their sanities intact. That couldn’t be more true. I don’t think my perspective on the arts overall has shifted much these past months. I’ve always known that they are important, but now I know that they should never be taken for granted.

So what come next? No one knows. My hope is that we are all able to safely return to the performing arts pretty soon. I know some theatres have already started to jump back into the swing of things and it makes me feel like things will go back to normal in no time. All I know is that if the pandemic goes on longer than we want it to, theatre and the arts will still be there. I think it’ll take more than a worldwide pandemic to get rid of the arts, but that’s just my opinion.

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