Nov 2020 Blogathon: Karla Benitez Orellana

It is Brelby tradition to dedicate the month of November to giving a platform for our artists to share their stories. This month our annual Blogathon theme is “Shifting Perspectives”. We’ve spent a large portion of 2020 with our stage dark, but that doesn’t mean that our artists haven’t been growing, changing and creating. This year we asked them, “How has the pandemic impacted your perspective on theatre, the arts, and life? What are your hopes for the future of theatre?”
Enjoy this year’s series.

Karla Benitez Orellena

The pandemic has made me realize that as a country, we really do have to be better to care for our fellow man. It has shown me the priorities of our society. It made me question, what is it that we all lean on the most when we have nothing to do? Entertainment. Television, books, audio-books, movies, video games, podcasts, you name it. And what do all of these mediums have in common? Artists. It made me sad that the first thing to go were Live Events because that is precisely where we get our human connection. Unfortunately, COVID also spreads through human connection! So to stop the spread, we had to stop that spark of joy. 

It made me realize that we need the arts to be able to break through the mundanity of our everyday lives. The pandemic has shown me exactly how much of a boring life I have without being able to partake with others! The arts help keep the darkness at bay. I thank God that my job was able to transition to a work from home position so I wasn’t affected as much as others have. 

So far everything has transitioned into a virtual world. So I think theatre might be heading in that direction as well. I’ve done a couple of zoom readings and was grateful I was able to participate in What if… Narrators Were Real? in Brelby’s Just the Sketchy Bits and it was a blast! In a couple months I’ll be in rehearsals for another reading but this time it’s going to be recorded and all of our rehearsals will be virtual as well! We’ve all got to get with the times and start becoming technical. To be honest though, I sure will be glad when I no longer have the need of a camera and can just connect with my fellow peers and be in the presence of people once again. 

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