November 2019 Blogathon: Eric Evans 1

It is Brelby tradition to dedicate the month of November to giving a platform for our artists to share their stories. This month our annual Blogathon theme returns to its roots with a visit back to the topic of “My Brelby Story.” We’ve grown a great deal over the past few years, and many of our original bloggers have moved on to new careers, new lives, new challenges, and new cities. Enjoy this year’s series with 30 Days of Blogs.

​I moved here to Arizona on August 18th, 2018 at the start of my college career.

I worked at a few theatres here and there to build up my resume, but I never truly resonated anywhere. I had just recently finished a musical with Helen Morris, one of the current company members at Brelby. I had just finished my second semester at Grand Canyon University, and I was looking for a summer gig, so I hit up Helen. I wasn’t familiar with Brelby and I was a little wary about the show, but I knew Helen and I worked really well together, and so I figured I would audition for giggles. I wasn’t very confident in my singing voice then, and as such I figured I might not have a very good chance of getting in.

Fast forward to the auditions, and I realize that I totally forgot to send in any information about myself, I didn’t have any song prepared, I was utterly lost. I message Helen and asked her if I could still come in late and do whatever I happened to have, even though I know it wouldn’t be my best. Anyways, I come in, I audition, and I leave. Little did I know, this show would do so much to add onto my acting and performing toolbelt. I was again a little wary about being cast because I didn’t know any of these other people! I was thrown into a strange environment with this weird show and these weird people.

I came to really love those people. I came to love the aesthetic and the design and the energy that Brelby had. I felt for a while that I really had a theatre family, after fighting my way through all these other places, that this might be where my theatre family lies. So I decided to keep working here! I was challenged to stage manage for Alice’s Canvas, something I never dreamed I would be able to do. It was rough doing stage management for the first time, but I was so strongly loved and supported the whole time it never felt like a job. Next was Evil Dead! Which was a way harder show than I thought it would be. Managing the blood and all the changes and that curtain, it was a really rough show to be thrown into. But again, I was fully supported, and I would do the whole thing again if I could.

I feel so accepted and loved in this theatre, like I haven’t felt onstage in a very long time. It’s amazing the things I’m able to do now that I’m being loved and accepted. Before Brelby, I would have never have stage managed. Before Brelby I would have never have done all the fantastic things I am now known for! What amazes me even more is that I am just beginning here. I have a long way to grow, and I know I will fall down while I’m on my way, but I know that my family here at Brelby will always pick me up, give me a hug, and push me out onto that stage.

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