Our Brelby Story: Brian & Shelby (Part II)

mybrelbystoryblog3Part II – Overcoming Obstacles or Getting by With a Little Help from our Friends

Our first season of producing was a whirlwind summer. We mounted an original murder mystery dinner theatre in Flagstaff, and then proceeded to travel with a ragtag band of NAU alumns and stblog2udents from Flagstaff to Kingman to Cave Creek. We mounted a full scale production of Brian’s Playing Games, and a children friendly fairy tale mashup. We rehearsed in parking lots. We constructed far too many costume pieces with hot glue guns. We dove in headfirst, and we took the plunge. Did we turn a profit? Not even close. Did we learn? Yes. Did we grow? Absolutely. Were we discouraged? For some reason, we weren’t. We’d like to think that we had the confidence to understand that most businesses don’t turn a profit in the first few years. What we know is that we have been one another’s biggest cheerleaders since day one. That faith and support has made all the difference, even when it’s felt like we were the only two in our corner.

We’ve faced some challenges, as most arts organizations do. Opening our own studio in Historic downtown Glendale was the most challenging and exciting endeavor of our careers. Dealing with a century old building came with it’s own issues. Construction fees skyrocketed unexpectedly, and we’ve found ourselves in some tough spots periodically as a result.


There has been a common theme between each of our darkest days. The support and drive of our talented artists. Brelby has blossomed into something that we couldn’t even predict….a family. It sounds cheesy, but it’s genuinely true. We share our successes with our artists. We lean on their shoulders through the failures. The people that have come into our lives through this studio door…they lift us up when we’re having a tough time seeing the silver lining. They give words of encouragement freely, and hold judgement for other venues. They give hugs and compliments, and hold back discouraging thoughts. They come with open arms and a desire to create something inspiring, and they motivate us to push further and harder than we knew that we could.

Brelby wouldn’t be Brelby without the artists behind it.


Coming Soon: Our Brelby Story, Part III

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