Painting the Picture: Tanner & Tyler

Tanner Young (Tweedle Dee)

Tyler Miller (Tweedle Dum)

In our latest blog series, ‘Painting the Picture’, we meet the team that is bringing Alice’s Canvas to life. In this unique spin on the classic Wonderland tale, Alice is an art student about to graduate. When the subject of her final exhibition piece disappears, she finds herself chasing him into a world of her own making, infused with classic art references and fantastical characters.

We sat down for a brief Q & A with Tanner Young and Tyler Miller, portraying Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, respectively.

BB: Which art style in this show is your favorite and why? 

Tanner: I’d say surrealism for sure. It adds so much to the darker and maniacal nature of the show’s main antagonist, and embodies him perfectly. The fear brought on by this character wouldn’t be the same with any other art style, and you’ll see why when the show goes up!

Tyler: The art style that I’m most excited for is the street art. How we incorporate it into the show and all the fun places it shows up is a nice touch to the overall wonder!

BB: Would you rather attend the hatters tea party or spend a day with the tweedles? 

Tanner: Well either would drive you mad, but having both is a true recipe for madness!

Tyler: Why not both? 😉

BB: Good point! You two already knew each other before taking on these roles, correct?

Tyler: Tanner and I have known each other for 5 years. We met in high school, early into my senior year (and his freshman year) through theatre and we’ve remained close friends ever since!

Tanner: We clicked instantly when we met through theatre, and it’s a blast to do another show with him after so long.

BB: How has your friendship informed the way you approach playing these characters?

Tyler: Playing the Tweedles require a strong connection between the two actors to make it work, and Tanner and I were already there well before the start. We were able to jump right into making bolder choices with these roles and we’d naturally play off what the other does. It has been a smooth process shaping these roles into our own!

Tanner: I don’t think this duo would work the same if Tyler or I were partnered up with anyone else, because we just have a unwavering chemistry that makes these roles a perfect fit for us. Ever since the show started, We often joked that we are the Tweedles in real life, and we’re starting to believe that more and more each rehearsal day.

BB: We’ve been hearing that a lot in the rehearsal room. You’re definitely a hilarious duo.

Tyler: How do you think a third Tweedle would work in Wonderland? What would their name be?

Tanner: I think they would be the youngest Tweedle of the trio, and would constantly try too hard to fit in with Dee and Dum and match their intelligence (or stupidity), but lack the experience or silliness to keep up with their fine-tuned craziness. They would also be named Tweedle Doo!

Tyler: How do you think Wonderland would be if the Tweedles were the two Kings of Wonderland?

Tanner: Oh jeez, that would definitely be a wonderland of pure chaos. Everyone with bony elbows will be shamed and labeled as non-intellectuals, and everyone would be forced to look up to the Tweedles as the most intelligent people in all of wonderland. There would still be a lot of arguing and feuding between the two rulers though, just a lot, and I mean A LOT, more.

Tanner: If you could do another take on the original Wonderland story, what direction would you take it?

Tyler: I think Wonderland could work well as a tale of Alice being brought into the life of squirrels. I think the Wonderland setting allows for the characters to be very interesting squirrels and would translate well to a straight to video movie. Or, you know, make it a musical. I’m sure that has been done, but I know that squirrel idea is original.

Tanner: What wonderland character(s) do you think deserve a spin off show of their own?

Tyler: I’d be interested in seeing a story about the Jabberwocky. I could see it as a horror piece about when they first terrorized Wonderland, from the perspective of the White and Red Knights. Maybe have the two form an uneasy alliance to uncover what’s happening that leads to a few clashes with the creature as they come closer to the truth.

Brelby Buzz: Sounds terrifying! What are you most excited for the audience to see?

Tanner: I’m most excited for the audience to see the amount of care and effort that went into making this show a possibility. Blood, sweat, and tears went into every aspect of the show, and everyone cares so deeply about putting on a wonderful show for you all. Alice’s Canvas was made with so much love, and I really think that shows in our performances.

Tyler: I’m excited for the audience to see just how wonderful Wonderland is. Everything is coming together so nicely. It’s truly something that will make the audience feel like they’re in a whole new world.

Catch this duo in action August 2-18 at Brelby Theatre Company!

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