by Ashley Naftule

Lost at sea, two sailors try to stay afloat on a disintegrating raft. The raft isn’t the only thing that’s falling apart: The fragile bond holding them together is threatened by a shark fin in the distance and visions of an impossible creature floating beneath them.

Artist Bios:

Ashley Naftule (Playwright, Porcelina) is a playwright, actor, and the Artistic Director of Space55 theatre. He also works as a journalist, and has been published in Pitchfork, Bandcamp, Vice, Longreads, and Phoenix New Times. You can find him on Twitter as @Emperor_norton.

Jonathan Gradilla (Director, Porcelina) is thrilled for his directorial debut for Brelby Theatre’s NOS. Previously seen on the Brelby stage in 12 Days (Robert), Fly By Night (Joey), and Spin (Joey). When not performing or working at the cafe, you can find his Behind the Scenes and Teaser videos for upcoming Brelby shows. He wants to thank his family, friends and all. Also, come see The Grasp Fall 2019.

Tanner Young (Hans, Porcelina) – This is Tanner’s 2nd show at Brelby, and he is excited to be portraying the role of Hans! He’d like to thank his friends, his family, and the Brelby family for being so welcoming and making him feel at home!

Luke McFall (Nikolai, Porcelina) is pleased to be back at Brelby since Spy Love You, and hopes that everyone enjoys the show.

Jacqueline Anderson (Porcelina, Porcelina, Stripper Heels, Cupcake) is so excited to be back on the Brelby stage! Jacqueline is very active in the theater community in Arizona, most recently performing in Bare Foot in the Park(Corie), The Women of Lockerbie (Madeline), and Singing in the Rain (Lima). When Jacqueline isn’t participating in theater she is working toward her Bachelors at NAU and loves brining Disney Magic to local children. She wants to thank her loving family for support and the audience for attending the show.