Queen of the Day: Thea Eigo

Queen of the Day

By Megan O’Connor

Brelby Theatre Company is all about positivity and building up our artists and  we are especially dedicated to promoting our female artists and as such we have Brelby Artists nominate one new woman every month for us to treat like royalty. The power of women as actors, designers, writers, directors, creators, and people in general cannot be overstated! We at the Brelby Buzz are so excited to have our former reigning Queen, Stephanie Spencer, interview a brand new Queen of the Day! Voted by our community of Brelby Artists, Thea Eigo has been chosen to reign supreme today! Thea made her debut with Brelby taking on the role of Marcy Park in the well-received, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and make a big impression on her fellow artists with her work ethic and “ridiculous” performance skills. Read more as Stephanie and Thea discuss the performance bug, activism, and fro yo.

Stephanie Spencer: Welcome, and  Happy Belated Birthday, Thea! I honestly cannot think of a person that is more deserving of being Queen of the Day as you. You’re talented beyond belief, with a wonderful sense of humor and an exceptional level of professionalism – I feel honored to pass the torch, err, crown, over to you!

So, to get things started, as now reigning “Queen of the Day,” what is your first decree?

Thea Eigo: Three day weekends! All Mondays off forever and always.

SS: We last saw you at Brelby in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee where you dazzled audiences as Marcy Park. What are you working on right now?

TE: I am currently in Spring Awakening at my school, Arizona School For the Arts, as Ilse! It’s a super cool role to play, because Ilse can be interpreted so many ways. Trying to tie in her rough past home life with her new found free like spirit has been a real acting challenge for me, but it’s been a lot of fun! After that runs from May 4-7, I am in Childsplay YETI production of Dog Sees God as CB’s Sister. I have always loved straight plays and think they are so underappreciated in youth theatre, so I’m so excited to start this show running from June 10-12.

SS: What started your journey into theatre? When were you “bit by the theatre bug” as they say?

TE: I actually started out in dance doing ballet and tap when I was about 2! I loved being onstage so much and I was the BEST butterfly in my ballet performance. I then started acting classes when I was about 4 because of my older sister Willa, who is an amazing actress. I don’t think I really got “bit” until I was 8 and I was in a summer camp production of Into the Woods and played Little Red.

SS: If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go? Who would you take?

TE: I think somewhere tropical and sunny like Fiji or the Dominican Republic. I would take my sister Willa because we are so fun when we are together, and my best friend Rachel because she’ll get the best shots for your Instagram.

SS: Is there a role model in your life? Somebody that inspires you or that you look up to?

TE: I’ve always looked up to my mom and my sister because they have inspired me and supported me no matter what. They’ve constantly pushed me to do my best and are the reason I’m the person I am today. Also, Mindy Kaling is my role model. God she’s so funny.

SS: What’s your go-to Fro-Yo? Do you go the fruit route or are you more for chocolate?

TE: Definitely fruit. Gotta start with the layer of the classic tart flavor, then mango, then the pomegranate sorbet. Throw on some mochi and boba for fun too.

SS: How do you keep the positive energy in abundance through the crazy process of getting a show up? Any words of advice that get you through the day and through this career?

TE: I just have to remember that going full out in the moment will always feel better than knowing I could’ve done more. No matter how exhausted I am, I try and put my all into everything I do because I love the feeling of knowing I’m giving it my all. I think my advice would be to not be too hard on yourself. In a performance career, you are constantly going to be surrounded by talented people, some are better than you, some aren’t, but don’t beat yourself up for cracking on a note or screwing something up because it has happened to every single person! Just have fun doing what you love!

SS: What song is your jam right now?

TE: I have really got back into jamming out to The Addams Family musical soundtrack. Something about Krysta Rodriguez belting her face off always puts me in a good mood.

SS: What would “living the dream” be for you?

TE: Beach house somewhere, with my dog Audrey, hopefully still performing somehow!

SS: What are your party tricks?  Are there any fun – facts that aren’t on your resume?

TE: My fun talent is my death drop! It’s a dance move where you basically fall onto your back to the floor in a second. It’s a fun party trick, but I actually do put it on my resume. I also have a rap about Charles Darwin I made in 4th grade that I still have memorized to this day.

SS: What’s next for you?

TE: Tomorrow? School, rehearsal, hot cheetos. In Life? No clue. Too much to think about! I hope to stay performing forever in some shape or form, but I would really love to be a dance teacher someday. I think dance is such a cool expression of art and to share that with as many people as possible is a dream of mine. Not to be too sappy or anything.

SS: Another great thing about getting to talk with you is that your passions go beyond just the stage, whether that be your studies or standing up for what you believe is right. What started the activist journey for you?

TE: I really started working in reproductive rights advocacy in 8th grade when I took my sex ed course and my teacher hardly taught us any of the information we needed. I then applied and joined the Young Women of Color Leadership Council through the Advocates for Youth organization. We work to improve women’s sexual health rights and increase comprehensive sex education in schools

SS: What is your dream role?

TE: I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be in A Chorus Line. So, realistically in that show: Connie. True dream: Val. Also, Mimi in Rent! One can dream.

SS: What would your gender-bender dream role be?

TE: Definitely Justin in 21 Chump Street!!

All hail our new Queen of the Day! Be sure to watch the Brelby Facebook page to vote for your favorite girl who rules to learn more about your favorite female artists! #womenofbrelby #qotd

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