Rambling Ideals: Those Pesky New Year’s Resolutions


Those Pesky New Year’s Resolutions
By April Rideout


I have jumped on the bandwagon of tackling a few New Year’s resolutions. Big shocker! If I stick to them, that would be nice and a well earned pat on the back. But, first thing’s first. Half the battle is deciding what resolutions you would like to do and then implementing them in practice in your daily life.

Here is a few things I will endeavor to accomplish in 2016.

Let’s go!

  • Take more dance classes. I technically started on this one in December by taking my first jazz class in probably four years at Ballet Arizona. I was really out of the groove, by being out of breath frequently and having to rest constantly. It was an eye opener to what I want to change about myself, but still participating in things that I love. I may not be the best at jazz, ballet, or tap, but I enjoy them even if I make a fool of myself at times.
  • Eat healthier. All the rich foods during the holidays did a number on my stomach. I want to correct this and implement a healthier diet filled with vegetables and fruits. I have started bringing my lunch to work consisting of celery and a ham and cheese sandwich. It’s the little steps that add up to a better lifestyle.
  • Do more art. I want to do a wide range of projects this year. Currently, at Brelby, I am one of the writers of the much anticipated After Hours at Rosie’s Pub as well as playing Maria Jennings in the company show, Meet the Dryers. I am in the Ensemble for Scottsdale Musical Theater Company’s Hello, Dolly! in February. It’s the first time I have worked with them and it’s been a really enjoyable process. Design wise, I am doing Sound for Meet the Dryers and A Quest For Clause: The Musical. So far, there’s a good variety of projects coming up, but I have a few more I want to add for the summer and fall. We’ll see where the cards fall.
  • Go on more trips. For Christmas, I went up to Showlow with my parents and saw snow for the first time in a long while. That made me realize I hadn’t gone out of town for a weekend since the Brelby retreat back in August of 2014. For 2016, I want to go on more trips out of town. It doesn’t matter where, I just want to explore and do more things.
  • Learn more songs. I need to add more songs to my audition repertoire and cater to upcoming auditions. This can be a tie in to do more art. If you really want to be technical. I also just want to work more on my voice in general. There is always room for improvement.

I could say I am off to a good start with some of these resolutions, but we will see how successful I am at maintaining these resolutions. Only time will tell.

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