It’s a very special Sass & Stuff at the Brelby Buzz today, as Megan’s column has been taken over by Aubrea Robards!

Friends… be prepared – its Miscast time. Yes you heard me right. You will not only see amazingly talented humans perform fantastically random pieces of music from unbelievably beautiful Broadway shows – they will also be “totally wrong for the part”. Everyone is type casted in theater. Yes, yes there’s always the random dude/lady that can “pinch hit” almost any part; whether that be an ingénue or the quirky, funny {albeit awkward} best friend, but for the most part at age 18 God has decided your character type and you better cling to it hardcore or forever be cursed to appear exclusively in the ‘ensemble’. And then – there was the heavenly Miscast Concert…

My first encounter with a Miscast Concert was way back when at Northern Arizona University. The incredibly talented Shelby Maticic also directed it and I was told “everyone is cast inappropriately on purpose”. The men play women, the women play men, and my ginger best friend could be cast as Simba from The Lion King. Essentially – magic. SO, naturally I had to be apart of this. Fast-forward about 7 years and here we find ourselves.

As a blond with dark eyebrows I am usually cast as the mean girl – or if I get lucky –  a “classic” leading lady. However I love quirky characters that get the laughs! (don’t we all?) And I gotta say… I just want to be a dude that gets serious and powerful all at once in a kick ass ballad! These bucket list items are only achieved by being cast in a Brelby Miscast Concert.

Thank you Brelby for allowing me to play a spunky, urchin boy ready to fight for my rights in a medley from Newsies. Who would have thought that a woman in her late 20’s would LOVE playing a teenage guy on strike!… I would and I do. I also get to portray Penny from Hairspray and Lily from Annie. Anyone who knows me personally understands that I would be miscast in a production of Hairspray due to my horrific dance moves alone.

I am excited beyond understanding to depict these rolls and get a chance to be that which I am normally denied. And to be perfectly honest; I am also dying to watch 6 grown men play 6 lusty, hate-filled women sing about their guilt that landed them in Cook County Jail. “What on earth is she referring to?” you might say… there is only one way to know – come see all of the Brelby artists you love perform as characters you will never otherwise be able to see them portray in the Second Annual Brelby Miscast Concert. It’s a hilarious heaven on earth situation friends… True story. 



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