Season 10 Blogathon: Danny Hernandez

It’s become a tradition at Brelby to spend the month of November reflecting on our artform and how it impacts us through our annual Blogathon. This year, in honor of our 10th Season, our Blogathon participants will be sharing lists of 10 things that have impacted them, whether they be lessons or memories…or are looking ahead towards future goals. 

Today’s blogger, Danny Hernandez, recently blew us away with his performance as Nikola Tesla in our world premiere production of Powerhouse: The Tesla Musical.

Below, Danny looks ahead with a list of 10 Artistic Goals he has for his future.


Hello my name is Danny! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my post! Im new to the threate world and growing as an artist! I want to start off by thanking two young ladies for introducing me to Brelby. Nichole Macak &  Alexxis Briviesca. Nichole introduced me to the Brelby Theatre Company when Fangirl was brought to the older location and I had the honor to see them both perform in Fangirl.  I fell even more in love with theatre because of these young ladies! So thank you Nichole and Alexxis for bringing your art and talent to the world. Now, I’ve been seeing the shows at Brelby for years now and never had the courage to actually audition for anything until The 5th Annual Miscast Concert. I auditioned with poor unfortunate souls, one of my favorite Disney song but I never would have thought to be given the song to perform! My dream role is to perform Ursula one day in life! So after performing Ursula I was somewhat pressured…well forced… IM KIDDING! By CJ O’Hara to audition for an original musical he created with John Perovich and Brian Maticic. This was my Brelby MainStage debut! I got my first lead role and it was a musical! Talk about a win win! I really want to thank CJ for that push because without it I wouldn’t have had this amazing experience. Also, all the members in the cast and production of Powerhouse thank you for believing in me! And especially Mel for tolerating me and pushing me when I doubted myself sometimes.  To my friends and family who came out to support me on this new journey in the theatre world! Now that all the readers are getting to know more about me and how I ended up with the Brelby family, I want to talk about my artistic growth!                                                                                                                                                    



  1. Take Risks!   You won’t know until you try. Do things that scare you, take those risks because sometimes those are the best moments in life!
  2. AUDITION!  Auditions are always scary to me! I do want to get better and audition for more roles in the future!
  3. Get Better at singing!  I sing almost everyday for fun, but I want to start challenging myself! If there are opportunities for some gigs or other things I’m going to be more open about them.
  4. VISIT OTHER BRANCHES OF THEATRE! I’m usually acting and haven’t done much behind the scenes work. I do want to visit Stage Managing, Directing and Scenic Design! I’m currently taking a directing class at Estrella Mountain Community college! I’m getting there!
  5. Read More Plays:  I’ve honestly have gotten better at this! But definitely read more!
  6. Get in depth with what I read:  This is what I struggle with as an artist, I’m not sure what it is. I get impatient and get distracted easily and don’t focus on what I read. I really want to get in depth into what a play has to say.
  7. Write my own play: I really want to write my own play! I’m not sure if it’s just me or I haven’t read a variety of plays but the most common is comedy and drama. I want to bring horror, thriller, suspense and much more to the stage! I hope to get something out soon!
  8. Direct: I want to direct my own show whether it’s a play, musical or one act. I want there to be a show that I can say I did that!
  9. Listen More & Pay Attention: My attention span is bad, and I really want to get better at it. I want to listen more and focus on what people have to say.
  10. Friends: I want to make more friends while doing these things!



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