Season 10 Blogathon: John Perovich

It’s become a tradition at Brelby to spend the month of November reflecting on our artform and how it impacts us through our annual Blogathon. This year, in honor of our 10th Season, our Blogathon participants will be sharing lists of 10 things that have impacted them, whether they be lessons or memories…or are looking ahead towards future goals. 

Today’s blogger, John Perovich, has been onstage and behind the scenes at Brelby. W’ve produced several of his creative original scripts over the past several seasons and he serves as a mentor for other playwrights and artists. 

John shares with us 10 Artistic Goals he has for the future.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any actual goal setting/planning for myself — something that I used to do frequently. I let it get away from me as other things began to happen…many things. It reminds me of that John Lennon lyric: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
I was excited when I saw that my Blogathon topic would be 10 Artistic Goals that I’m inspired to pursue in the future. I think 10 is a pretty big number…and that’s okay…this will give me a chance to articulate where I’d like to go. And if I throw enough dreams at the wall, a few ought to stick, right? Something like that.
Here they are…in no particular order:
  1. Direct a New Play — I really enjoy working with playwrights on their work. It is rare that I get to direct a production of a new play. I was fortunate to have directed Devon Mahon’s Whisper Sweetly at Brelby, which was a great experience! Also, Devon, if you’re reading this…when do we get to see your next play?
  2. Write Frequently — It’s been a little over 2 years since I graduated from ASU with my MFA in Dramatic Writing. Since that time, I’ve been fortunate to be selected to the Last Frontier Theatre Festival in 2017 and 2018 with two new plays (that I’m still developing). I also had a few of my plays produced since then: my love | my lumberjack (B3 Productions), and unexpected, spy love you, and Powerhouse: The Tesla Musical (Brelby). My play be my little baby premieres at Space 55 in 2019. I know this sounds strange, perhaps, but even with the blessings of these opportunities, I’ve fallen out of rhythm and routine with my writing…and I feel like I’m drifting. I’m not “burned out” from writing. Sometimes people tell me I’m burned out…and I think, “I could never be burned out from writing.” I’ve been writing since…forever (3rd grade)…it’s a part of who I am. Well…I have been busy focusing on other things. Anyway…one of my artistic goals is to get back to writing.
  3. Develop a Writing Plan — With my teaching responsibilities and commitments at Now & Then Creative Company, I need to strike a balance to have a plan for my writing. I need to do what I’ve always avoided doing, which is to set aside certain time to write. I used to wake up every morning to write, but I haven’t had the stamina to do that for several months, so I need to develop an active plan and stick to it for my writing. I know how to do this…I just need to do it…I want to do it.
  4. Submit my Work — There are opportunities out there…I know how to find them…I want to focus my energy toward them and on submitting to them. It’s important to me to get my work sent outside of Arizona…not that I don’t love Arizona…but I’d like to start pushing my work beyond my community.
  5. Feed my Art — There are so many wonderful experiences out there that feed who I am as an artist. I used to be good at seeking them out and taking advantage of them…and I’d like to get back to that. Things like trips to parks, museums, libraries…road trips…anything I can do to have new experiences that make me think a bit deeply…a bit differently than I normally do. These experiences are important. I met a wonderful speaker in Student Affairs that shared that — in our lives — we should “seek comfort and seek challenge.” I think I’ve been seeking challenge for quite some time…it’s time to seek comfort in activities and experiences that will inspire me…and prepare me for challenges.
  6. See More Theatre in the Valley — I love seeing shows that I don’t know anything about. I find seeing new shows/new stories to be a rewarding experience.
  7. Support Playwrights — I plan to continue supporting my peers in any way that I can, whether at Brelby Theatre Company or through my own company, Now & Then Creative Company. There are many playwrights in the Valley that I admire, and I want to continue to do what I can — when I can — to support them. The “when” is important…because many of my goals so far have focused on my own writing, and I need to focus on that first.
  8. Audition — I would like to find a few shows that I would really like to be a part of as an actor…and that I would serve well as an actor. Being in a show — performing — is the greatest lesson for me as a playwright. I hope to find the right opportunities and put myself out there.
  9. Read More Plays — When I read new plays (plays I’m not familiar with), I learn a great deal about storytelling and perhaps even learn some tools for my own writing…even if I loathe the play…especially if I loathe the play.
  10. Spirituality — My final goal goes hand in hand with doing things that feed my art. My spirituality is something that is very important to me and it also helps feed me as an artist. It encourages/inspires me to be more reflective, more self-aware, and hopefully a kinder, more balanced, fuller human being. I’ve been taking strong steps with this area in my life. I plan to continue this path while focusing on all of my other goals.
I believe when we set goals, when we allow ourselves to “see” them, we give ourselves the opportunity to better actualize them in our lives.
I’m going to keep this list handy throughout the year. Perhaps for next year’s blog, I can be asked to report back on each of these goals.
What about you? What are 10 goals that you have? If you want to share/dialogue with anything I’ve written or perhaps share a few goals of your own, email me at

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