Season 11 Original Play Semi-Finalists

Join us in congratulating the semi-finalists for our 2019 Season. These playwrights were selected from over 400 submissions, and will now progress to a reading committee comprised of several of Brelby’s core artists. The finalists will be announced this Fall at our Season 11 Reveal Event.

Wolves of Sherwood by Chelsea Frandsen
Fabulous Monsters by Diana Burbano
Grímnismál (Or, The Magpie Play) by Alex Tuchi
A Sense of Wonder by Ilana Lydia
Beureaucrazy by Kate Danley
Any Day Now by Nat Cassidy
Grace, or the Art of Climbing by Lauren Feldman

Flipping Fitcher’s Bird by Kirt Shineman
Devil Land by Desi Moreno-Penson
The Frankenstein Sisters by Paco Jose Madden
Monster by Sam Graber
The Lost Girls by Courtney Meaker
Songs of Blood by Nat Cassidy

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