Shelby’s Pre-Show Checklist: January 2016

Shelby's Preshow Checklist

“Shelby’s Pre-Show Checklist” is one of the new 2016 columns to join the roster at The Brelby Buzz. This feature, penned by our Artistic Director, Shelby Maticic, will give you a rundown of the month’s upcoming events through the eyes of the gal that plans them.

Season 8 is here, and we’re so ready to launch into 2016.
You’ve probably heard about how excited our artists are about the sheer number of world premieres coming this season. Just in case you’re out of the loop…we’ve got 9 in the lineup. I’ve had more than one person in the theatre community tell me that this is crazy. I’d like to think that it’s ambitious. I know my artists. I know my ensemble. They thrive on challenges, and we’re going to make a big mark on the Arizona theatre community this year.

rmvFirst up? We’re getting back into the swing of things with Results May Vary. The team grew and matured a great deal in 2015, and I can’t wait to see how far we come in Season 8. We’re back with a huge event this Friday, one that we’re all excited and terrified for. ‘The Food Fight Show‘ is at 10pm, and with admission, audience members will get food to throw at the team. That’s right. We’re fulfilling your childhood dreams, and we’re having an adult food fight. This is fulfilling a treat to our artists…it was a promise we made to them if we were to win the FirstBank $20K Elevator Pitch Contest…and we did! This show will also feature a pie-to-the-face segment with our company members. Stay tuned. We’re going to be announcing the folks who get to do the pie-ing over at the Brelby Theatre Company Facebook page. The best part? The proceeds from this show are going to go to support Hope For Hunger in Glendale AZ. We have two more shows this month, Jan 15th @ 10pm and Jan 29th @ 10pm. The show on 29th will be a special double feature treat, featuring the cast of Windfall, hosted by our playwright. Exciting, right? So many late night options to kick off the season in downtown Glendale!

Mark your calendars for January 22nd, because we’re kicking off our MainStage season with the world premiere of Windfall by Executive Director, Brian Maticic. This piece follows millenials, Trent and Owen, as they try to conquer adulthood. Owen is driven and hard-working, pushing towards his dream of being an entrepreneur and business owner. Trent, on the other hand, is a floater. He can’t hold down a solid job, and he’s perpetually stuck in his early 20’s. His girlfriend, Olivia, has put up with him for a decade, but has larger aspirations for her life too (she’s pursuing her graduate degree). When the pressure of life becomes too much, Trent hatches a plan to dodge his debt and obligations…by faking his own death. Here’s the hitch…he wins the lottery the very next day. He drags Owen into a scheme to cover for him by collecting the winnings and splitting them. Trent can still start over, and Owen will have the funding to kick off his business plans…and to get closer to the girl he’s always admired from the sidelines. Nothing could go wrong here, right? cover3

Featuring a cast of Brelby veterans, this show is going to be a solid kickoff to our season of world premieres. Scope out our impressive cast here:

Speaking as someone closely connected to the project (I’m playing Olivia, and I’m having a blast!), who has been a sounding board for the playwright throughout the process, I’m excited to see this piece come to life. Get your tickets now, they’re going to go fast.

Shelby's Preshow Checklist (1)At the end of the month, we’re bringing back our ‘PJs & Playreadings’ series. This is a free late night playreading series, that allows our artists to hear their pieces out loud in a casual setting. Our audience and actors come in comfy attire, bring blankets, and snuggle up with hot cocoa to hear the latest that some very talented AZ playwrights have to offer. On January 30th at 10pm, we’ll be reading through The Half-Way House, by company member Cody Goulder.

In The Half-Way House, Cassie has hit the wall, emotionally, financially, and creatively. With the loss of a roommate, job, and fading prospects for her acting career, Cassie feels the window is closing and she has not way to make it stop. Caught between expectations and perceptions, the only place Cassie can find security comes in her choppy, if not loving, circle of roommates who are in the same position as her. Through a possible last tumultuous month in New York spring, Cassie will face her insecurities and emotions especially as she squares off with Seth, her musician roommate. A play about communication and the roles we play in our own identity, The Half-WAy House is a piece about all the things we fear to admit but must accept in order to say the truth.

So let’s review:
Jan 8 @ 10pm – Results May Vary – The Food Fight Show
Jan 15 @ 10pm – Results May Vary
Jan 22 @ 7:30pm – Windfall GALA Opening Night
Jan 23-Feb 13th – Windfall Performances
Jan 29 @ 10pm – Results May Vary – Windfall Cast Show
Jan 30 @ 10pm – PJs & Playreadings – The Half-Way House by Cody Goulder

I hope that you’ll join us this month at the Brelby Studio. January is going to be a solid way to kickoff Season 8!

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