Shelby’s Pre-Show Checklist – March

Shelby's Preshow Checklist

March has arrived, and we’re hard at work over at the Brelby studio…so I’m here to bring you this month’s pre-show checklist! (Only one day late…due to an unexpected bout of vertigo.)

This weekend you can catch the final three performances of missing grace, by resident artist John Perovich. The show is getting great reception from audiences, and is an incredibly strong start to our 2016 Studio Series. Check out two of our stellar reviews from local bloggers and members of the AZ theatre community here and here.

12469574_10101288406719678_8183097192492237454_oWe’re also preparing to open the first in our 2016 TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) series, Kirt Shineman’s Sea Fairies. This undersea adventure is directed by company member, Luke Gomez, and will be a colorful adventure complete with mermaids, pirates and puppets designed by our own Mia Passarella. The show performs periodically from March-May, with early evening options for parents who want to get their little ones in bed at a reasonable hour.

Brelby’s resident improv team, Results May Vary performs five times throughout the month, bringing you affordable late night entertainment.

This month’s PJs & Playreadings session brings you something a little different. An evening of short plays, featuring two by Luke Gomez and one by Megan O’Connor. Enjoy!

We’re also in rehearsal for some exciting events coming up next month, so be watching the Brelby Theatre Company page for some exciting behind the scenes glimpses at Meet the Dryers and the 3rd Annual Miscast Concert from our resident #bloggingbabes Megan O’Connor and April Rideout!


Playing this MARCH at the Brelby Studio:

Mar 3rd @ 7:30pm – missing grace
Mar 4th @ 7:30pm – missing grace
Mar 4th @ 10pm – Results May Vary
Mar 5th @ 2pm – missing grace
Mar 10 @ 7:30pm – Results May Vary
Mar 11 @ 10pm – Results May Vary
Mar 18 @ 5pm – Sea Fairies
Mar 18 @ 10pm – Results May Vary
Mar 19 @ 2pm – Sea Fairies
Mar 19 @ 10pm – PJs & Playreadings: A Night of Shorts
Mar 25 @ 5pm – Sea Fairies
Mar 25 @ 10pm – Results May Vary

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