Shelby’s Pre-Show Checklist – May

Shelby's Preshow Checklist
May is here! The sun is shining, birds are singing…and we’re about to see the world crumble.
12987041_10153796047694145_6996426808418177516_nThe second installment of our 2016 Studio Series, Paco Jose Madden’s Postcards from the Apocalypse opens this month. The show weaves together vignettes from seven different apocalyptic tropes into one entertaining evening of theatre. I’ve been looking forward to this show ever since performing the teaser with Devon at last year’s season reveal. Postcards has been one of those rare opportunities for me to sit back and watch my artists create something without my involvement, and I’m incredibly proud of the work that they’ve been doing so far. A stellar cast, a great directing team, and a plethora of gifted designers. We’re going to see some folks take on design work they’ve never done before (including Cody Goulder’s first costume design) and that’s been a pleasure to watch from the artistic director’s chair. This show is even going to include original music compositions by Fernando Perez. Don’t miss it. It has a limited run, so get tickets now. $12 in advance, $15 a the door.

Sea Fairies has been delighting audiences for the past couple of months with it’s delightful story by Kirt Shineman, and an energetic cast who bring some absolutely adorable puppets to life each show (designed by Mia Passarella.) The designs overall are just wonderful on this show…and if you haven’t caught it to see Carolyn McBurney’s amazing mermaid dresses, or Kay Gray’s fantastical makeup designs…you’re truly missing out. There are three more performances before this one disappears into the Brelby archives…so join us!

Results May Vary welcomed some new team members last month, and they’re officially in full swing. We’re performing four times this month, so come on down for some late night improv. It’s always a great time, and you have several amazing restaurant options just around the corner to hit up before the show.

7years2The biggest announcement for this month’s pre-show checklist is that…we have a big announcement coming. The countdown has been running to our big secret for a few days now in the Brelby Theatre Company artist group on Facebook, but I’m ready to let the rest of you in on it. In 7 days, we’ll be announcing the news right on the official Brelby Theatre Company Facebook Page, so follow us and stay tuned. You won’t want to miss this.


Get your tickets for May’s Lineup of Events:

May 6 @ 5pm – Sea Fairies
May 6 @ 10pm – Results May Vary
May 7 @ 2pm – Sea Fairies
May 12 @ 7:30pm – Postcards from the Apocalypse
May 13 @ 7:30pm – Postcards from the Apocalypse
May 13 @ 10pm – Results May Vary
May 14 @ 2pm – Postcards from the Apocalypse
May 14 @ 7:30pm – Postcards from the Apocalypse
May 15 @ 2pm – Postcards from the Apocalypse
May 20 @ 5pm – Sea Fairies
May 19 @ 7:30pm – Postcards from the Apocalypse
May 20 @ 7:30pm – Postcards from the Apocalypse
May 20 @ 10pm – Results May Vary
May 21 @ 2pm – Postcards from the Apocalypse
May 27 @ 10pm – Results May Vary

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