Signing The Lease 5

We’re ecstatic to announce that we have officially signed the lease on our storefront location in Historical Downtown Glendale. We’ll be keeping you updated throughout our renovation process, up until we open Twelfth Night at the end of July in our very own studio! We’d like to thank everyone who has been a part of Brelby over the last four years, collaborative artists and fans alike…without you we wouldn’t be here.

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5 thoughts on “Signing The Lease

  • Marianne Maticic

    Brelby has always been destined to be a success. The union of these two creative and talented minds can produce nothing but outstanding quality entertainment that has and will continue to have the audience on their feet cheering for more! Congratulations on planting your roots in Historic Downtown Glendale. Your imagination, creativity continue to amaze and inspire me.

  • Jen Hanson

    So excited for you guys and to see your dream take flight. Congratulations! I look forward to all the fun new things Brelby will be able to do now that you have a home. All the best!!

  • Julie McInerny

    Congratulations and thanks! Although in upstate New York, I am following your progress and of course your next production! I wish I could be with you at your inaugural performance of Twelth Night!! Break a leg Meaghan and cast!!

  • Amanda Noel

    Can’t wait to see your inaugural show in the space! SO proud of you and can’t wait to collaborate with Brelby!!! 🙂