Sister Sister: The Psychic and her Sisters

ghostSister Sister: The Psychic and her Sisters

By Megan O’Connor

Ghost the Musical is in its final weekend! You only have three more chances to see this hauntingly beautiful piece of theatre before it’s gone for good. But perhaps we can help you see into the future… the Brelby Buzz sat down with Anne-Lise Koyabe who plays Oda Mae Brown, a psychic who can communicate with ghosts, and Ayanna Siders and Leeann Tegl who play her hilarious sisters to get their thoughts on the show, their dream roles, and if they could actually hang out with ghosts, who they’d spend a day with.

ayannaName: Ayanna Siders

Sign: Aquarius

Age: 21

Number of Brelby shows: 1st show

Role in this show: Clara

Brelby Buzz: Ayanna! This is your first show with us! We’re so happy you’re here! Tell us something about yourself– what’s one dream role you would want to play? I would love to play Felicia in Memphis.

BB: You would be incredible in Memphis! Those auditions are coming up… but for now you’re in Ghost the Musical and we’re so glad! What theme of the show do you connect with most? I think the theme I connect with most with is the mechanics of grief. You see these portrayed most in Molly. People will tell you you need to move on from unfortunate events in your life, but the only person who really knows you’re ready is you. In this case Molly had a little help getting closure because there was an overall resolution for the story, but sometimes closure can be as simple as just allowing yourself to do things that you love instead of feeling guilty about it.

BB: That’s good advice for anyone going through grief of any kind. Thank you for sharing that. If you could spend the day with someone who’s passed on, who would it be? What would you do? I would want to spend the day with my Uncle Derrick who passed this last year. I would want to see him play with his rockabilly band again and have a family barbecue like we used to.

BB: What’s your greatest fear (or a fear you’re willing to share with the internet)? My biggest fear is fear of stagnation. There is always something new to learn, and if I ever get to the point where I think I’ve learned everything I need to know about performance, that’s when I know I’ve failed.

BB: If you could choose, how would you spend your last day? I would spend my last day performing on Broadway. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do and what I’m still working toward.

BB: You’re well on your way! We definitely believe we’ll be watching you achieve all your dreams. Speaking of, tell us about your dream vacation. Where would you go, what would you do? My dream vacation would be to go to a performance workshop on New York. I would also love the chance to shadow some of the people of really look up to i.e. Patina Miller, Audra McDonald, and Cynthia Erivo.
anne-liseName: Anne-Lise Koyabe

Sign: Taurus
Age: 25
Number of Brelby Shows: This is my Brelby debut!! 🙂
Role in this show: Oda Mae Brown – psychic reader and advisor

Brelby Buzz: Anne-Lise, you’re killing it as Oda Mae! What about Ghost the Musical are you connecting with the most? The concept of letting go. When you’re so used to having something/someone in your life it’s so hard to accept that they will not be a part of it anymore. Some people can cut off ties very easily but I’m not one of those people. It’s very painful for me to have to say goodbye, so even though I’ve never gone through what Molly goes through in the show, I can absolutely relate to this theme.

BB: Understandable. It’s definitely a big part of the show and life that a lot of people are connecting with. If you could choose, how would you spend your last day? I mean it’s a pretty cliche answer but… surrounded by the people I love doing what I love. For me that means being with my kids and singing… so much singing!

BB: All the singing! What a perfect last day! If you’re brave enough to tell us, what’s your greatest fear? Besides spiders? Losing the people I love (through death, kidnapping…) and not being able to do anything about it, feeling completely helpless.

BB: That’s definitely terrifying. If you could spend the day with someone who’s passed on, who would it be? Michael Jackson! And if Amy Winehouse came by I wouldn’t mind either! These two were musical geniuses and I’d love to sit around and make music with them all day.

BB: Oh my gosh, to be a fly on the wall in that jam session… speaking of dreams, tell us about your dream vacation. Traveling the world, experiencing as many different cultures, foods and sights as I could. No schedules, no obligations just wake up and have new adventures with new people everyday.

BB: That sounds amazing. Last but not least, as this is your first show with us but hopefully not your last, tell us about your dream roles. I have so many and they go from the obvious to “what are you thinking? that’ll never happen”… Aida, Lady of the Lake and Ms. Hannigan are some of them. Also, Sarah in Ragtime is one of my all time favorite roles, I’ve already played it but I could perform that part forever and I’d kill to perform it on Broadway someday!

leeannName: Leeann Tegl

Brelby Buzz: This is your first Brelby show, but you’ve jumped right in! Tell us, what is a dream role of yours? Anyone who has ever known me will know I will always say either Elphaba Thropp or Christine Dae 😀

BB: Amazing characters for sure! What theme of Ghost the Musical do you connect with most? I would probably choose the whole “trust your instincts” theme. Especially when making a hard decision; I like hearing other people’s opinions but in the end you just got to do what you feel is right. Sometimes in the spur of the moment you just know you have to do something and in the end everything ends up being okay. Therefore trust your instincts!

BB: Good advice! If you could spend the day with someone who’s passed on, who would it be? What would you do? Who comes up with these questions?? This is hard…. I mean nobody ever gets to really decide what they do on their last day. But I would preferably spend it with my best friends at one of those deserted waterfalls. Have a nice relaxing day filled with showtunes and the people I love.

BB: Ghost the Musical deals with some tough things, therefore tough questions. Thanks for your candor. Speaking of difficult questions… what’s your greatest fear?  I have many fears so this one is tough. Honestly being shot by a gun is really high on my list for many reasons. Mainly because who would enjoy being stabbed by metal at a high velocity? Definitely not me…. I’m clearly not cut out to be in the army. But I do enjoy shooting to relieve my stress every once in awhile. I know the irony is strong… But some bullets nowadays are meant to separate into tiny shards after initial impact. Yikes…. Count me out.

BB: That sounds horrifying. Understandable that you’d be afraid of it! If you could choose, how would you spend your last day? I would spend the day with my grandparents, they both passed on at very young ages. I didn’t realize it as a child but my grandmother would play musicals on the television all the time because she loved them. So I would spend the entire morning with them at the old house just catching up and enjoying every moment. Then in the evening I would have them see a show that I’m currently working on. I didn’t get into musical theatre until after they passed away and I wish they could see what I do. But I know they are there every night with the best seat in the house.

BB: That’s beautiful. I’m sure they know and are very proud of you. You’re a very hard worker. So once the show is over, if you could go on your dream vacation where would you go, what would you do? Gosh this one is tough too. I would have to pick Australia. I have to see the Great Barrier Reef before I die because aquatics is one of my many hobbies. And who wouldn’t want to visit P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way? “Finding Nemo” is my childhood and I absolutely have to visit there! There are so many interesting things in Australia like the opera house, all of the wildlife would be amazing to see, and meeting the Irwin family would be a dream come true! I could literally spend a month there and still find more things to explore. Oh Australia if only you weren’t a 26 hour plane ride away…

Our thanks to Anne-Lise, Ayanna, and Leeann for their time on this blog and their talents in the amazing show, Ghost the Musical. Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 PM or Saturday at 2 PM are your last chances to see this incredible show. Don’t miss out!!

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