Sneak Peek: missing grace


Sneak Peek: missing grace

Another new addition to the Brelby Buzz this season is the Sneak Peek. In addition to posts through the run of a show, we’ll be giving you some early looks into the upcoming productions. And while we’re so excited for the World Premiere of Windfall we couldn’t help but be curious about our first studio show of the year, missing grace, written by John Perovich. The Brelby Buzz sat down with the cast, Allison Bauer (Allison), Mia Passarella (Grace), and Matt Clarke (Robert) to get their thoughts on the first read through of this World Premier Studio Series show. Their enthusiasm is infectious and while they’re not even in rehearsals yet, I think it’s safe to say this will be a show worth looking forward to!

Brelby Buzz: How did the first read through go? Talk about the experience and how you’re feeling knowing the show you just read will be different when you get to see the script again.

Allison Bauer: I thought the first read went really well! I know that, personally, I had been totally hyped to do a reading ever since the cast list went out; honestly, it was at the Season 8 reveal and I knew that this show was going to be something amazing and the first reading did not disappoint. It was a small reading but it was totally full of energy. It was fun, enticing, and gave us a very clear and  positive idea of where this play can go. Knowing that it will be a new revised script is somewhat exciting and somewhat frightening. If anything, I am excited to see how these characters develop. They are already very specific and it will be interesting to see where they all go.

Mia Passarella: I agree, I thought the first read through went so well! I had read a draft of the play prior to the reading and was already excited about the script, but being able to hear it out loud and to interact with the rest of the cast was an immense joy. It was great to get a taste of the material that we will soon be working on and I think John received some good feedback/insight on changes that he wanted to make. I’m actually really excited knowing that the script will be different the next time I see it. I revel at the opportunity to bring new scripts to life and changes are an essential part of that process.

Matt Clarke: The first read through was positively phenomenal. As with any first read through, it was wonderful and inspiring to read the words out loud and with your fellow castmates after hearing them rumbling around in your head for so long. However, the cast really set this read through apart from others I’ve done. Even in this first reading, it felt like we all came in prepared to make choices. It also felt like there was an inherent chemistry between the three of us from the moment we were in a room together that lent a level of comfort to the reading.

Since new works development is my favourite area of work in theatre (and indeed, what I have the most experience with in my time at ASU), script updates don’t really phase me. I love being in contact with the playwright whilst they develop their work, and cherish the added level of collaboration and insight.

BB: What are you most excited about as you get ready to begin rehearsals for this show?

Allison: This play was already one of the events I was most excited for this year. I am so ready to begin the rehearsal process. One of the things I am most excited for is being able to play with this show, with these characters, and really building a bond as a cast. Our characters all spend a large amount of time together and as cheesy as it may sound, I am excited to build the trust between us. It is one of my favorite parts of any rehearsal process; building that foundation in the cast. I am super duper excited to do that with this cast. Also, I am stoked to see where John takes this. I think the power of the message behind this play is already just incredible and I am beyond excited be a part of that. #soexcites (you don’t have to put that in, Megan. I’m just real excites.)

Mia: This is probably a cop-out answer but I am honestly excited for the entire process. I fell in love with the idea of this script before it even had a form and now that it actually has one, I am chomping at the bit to get started.

For a little less of a cop-out answer, I am really stoked about the fact that the cast is so small. Small casts allow for a lot of relationship building that isn’t necessarily possible with larger casts. It’s going to be so great to be able to dive into the material with Matt and Allison next to me.

Matt: I’m psyched for this cast! Allison is delightful and it’s wonderful to work again with Mia as she’s one of my best friends. Then, of course, there’s Brian; this is my first opportunity to work with him as a director, though I’ve long revered his work, energy, dedication and vision.

The single thing I’m most excited about though has to be the play itself. The first time I read the script, I finished it all in one night (aside from a short break around the middle to collect myself emotionally) sitting in my bed. The minute I finished (12:47am), I messaged the playwright John Perovich: “Holy s#@! John. I get to be IN this? I get to be in THIS?” This script moved me in ways I haven’t felt in some time, so I am honoured and humbled to be a part of the process of bringing it to life for the first time.

missing grace is the first Studio Series show of Season 8 and opens Thursday, February 25th and runs through March 5th. Earlybird tickets are available now at (Enter code: EARLYBIRD at online checkout for a $5 discount before 2/6)

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