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Our Brelby Story: Brian & Shelby Maticic (Part III)

Part III (The one where we answer questions from Brelby Artists) We decided to field questions from our pool of artists for this final blog entry, because we think that they’re just the greatest. Thanks for following along with our 30 days of artist stories. Enjoy our Q&A!   Best […]

Our Brelby Story: Brian & Shelby (Part II)

Part II – Overcoming Obstacles or Getting by With a Little Help from our Friends Our first season of producing was a whirlwind summer. We mounted an original murder mystery dinner theatre in Flagstaff, and then proceeded to travel with a ragtag band of NAU alumns and students from Flagstaff […]

Our Brelby Story: Brian & Shelby Maticic (Part I)

Part I – Beginnings Our Brelby story begins exactly where you’d hope…in a theatre. Brian and Shelby met in passing when he visited NAU to audition for scholarships during his senior year of high school, but it was backstage where their friendship began. Brian and Shelby met working on the […]

My Brelby Story: Carolyn McBurney

My Brelby connection started 2 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long…) when I auditioned for The Importance of Being Earnest– a play I had done in college and an all-time fave.  Well, college was many moons ago and now here I was- auditioning to play the mother […]

My Brelby Story: Melissa Kamel

    The oh-so Wonderful Life of Melissa Preface: Melissa’s Brelby story is not so much comprised of events but more so the people brought into her life through this company. While she could tell you countless cringe-worthy and cute coma inducing memories, her story is about the love of […]

My Brelby Story: Jesse Taggart

  Where to start my Brelby story? To start at the true beginning is over a decade  of stories ranging from “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out” to moving in with the Maticics themselves. Stories of friendships formed, almost lost, and reformed to something even stronger. I suppose the best place to […]

My Brelby Story: Emily Heald

Do you know that feeling when you stop and examine an aspect of your life and reflect back on the events, moments and feelings that got you to where you are? Have you ever had the opposite experience? Picture yourself – anywhere, doing anything: sitting in a doctor’s office, reading […]