The 3rd Annual Night of Shorts

Congratulations to the playwrights of our 3rd Annual Night of Shorts.
Performing Jan 4-12, tickets for this evening of inventive and exciting new theatre will go on sale this November.





By BC Brown
An ADD-guided, comedic dialogue between two friends over the fallout of an abusive relationship and the confusion inherent.  Guaranteed to delight and aggravate. 

By Jen Ganterwerker
In these uncertain times, knowing who to trust can be a challenge, but a good friend can help you keep your head above water.

By Ashley Naftule
Lost at sea, two sailors try to stay afloat on a disintegrating raft. The raft isn’t the only thing that’s falling apart: The fragile bond holding them together is threatened by a shark fin in the distance and visions of an impossible creature floating beneath them.

the ordinaries
By John Perovich
Sam and Kathy lead ordinary, boring lives. One night, Sam restlessly wanders in the backyard as a concerned Kathy watches from the house. When Kathy confronts Sam’s unusual behavior, something extraordinary happens.

By Sunrise
By Devon Mahon
Fear, trust, and opening a large door could make all the difference between freedom, death, and captivity for three young girls.

A Bot of Ill Repute
By Ilana Lydia
This is a story about a nervous time traveler who finds himself in a bar in the old West . . . or is he?  The 1940s gangster doesn’t quite fit in, and neither does the cyborg prostitute; what gives?

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