The Localist: Desert Rose Pizza & Gastropub

The Localist
By Michael Moramarco

Desert Rose Pizza & Gastropub: The Glendale Community

It was 6PM on a Wednesday evening when I rolled up to the Desert Rose. I was greeted by live music, several parties, and a patio packed with people playing oversized board and lawn games. If you didn’t stop to look over there, you’d just as soon never notice the place right off Grand at 57th Drive, but people are definitely taking notice. The food was delicious – I can highly recommend the pizza and their bowl of macaroni and cheese. And their happy hour couldn’t be beat if you’re a beer lover! A bucket of 5 domestics for $10, or 5 craft beers for $15. I’d come back just for that. However, something else was going on and it’s cool enough to make me want to come back a lot.

Teresa Outzen, owner of Desert Rose Pub & Steakhouse, definitely knew what she was up to when she laid the plans for the complex. In the past year and a half, she has opened the steakhouse, pizza & gastropub, and cigar lounge, and now she’s testing the waters of a nightclub, live music venue, and craft brewery. She is also the owner of the Gaslight Inn and the OTG Wine & Beer Bar. I had to ask her, what made Glendale so special that she wanted to invest so much into it. “Community”, was Teresa’s immediate and unhesitant response. She explained that in her 6 years living in Glendale she’d never seen a more caring and tight-knit local community. So, she decided she wanted to do everything she could to keep that Glendale community prospering. Why should I have to go all the way to Crescent Ballroom downtown to see good live music? Why do I have to go to elsewhere to get local craft brews? Why did I have to drive so far to find a decent steak from a local restaurant? Taking matters into her own hands, she sprung up a complex of restaurants that promises in the next couple of years to become a major stopping point for Glendale locals and tourists alike.

Brelby couldn’t be happier to support a local business like Desert Rose Pizza & Gastropub, and to have the support of its owners. As Teresa said, it’s about community, and we think they’re doing one hell of a job building it up.


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