the ordinaries




the ordinaries

by John Perovich

Sam and Kathy lead ordinary, boring lives. One night, Sam restlessly wanders in the backyard as a concerned Kathy watches from the house. When Kathy confronts Sam’s unusual behavior, something extraordinary happens.

Artist Bios:

John Perovich (Director of New Play Development/Playwright, the ordinaries) – John is a playwright, educator, and theatre maker. He serves as the Director of New Work Development at Brelby Theatre Company, and he is also the founding Artistic Director of Now & Then Creative Company, a non-profit theatre in Phoenix that focuses on new play development and classics for the stage. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

Kevin Fenderson (Director, the ordinaries) – You can usually find him in the spotlight, but the ordinaries marks Kevin’s directorial debut at Brelby, and he’s super stoked about it. Thanks to John for writing this story, and to Eric and Sara for bringing it to life!

Eric Bond (Sam, the ordinaries, The Bartender, A Bot of Ill Dispute, Ben, Catfish) is thrilled to return to Brelby. You can keep up with his career on He thanks the cast and crew for their dedication to this show. He thanks his loved ones for their constant support.

Sara Walton (Kathy, the ordinaries) is delighted to be performing at Brelby again. You may have seen her onstage in past miscast concerts, Quest for Claus the Musical, or After Hours at Rosie’s Pub.