These Girls Write: Mia Passarella & Jessie Tully

Tonight’s the night! The Brelby Theatre Company is proud to kick off it’s Ninth Season with
The Night of Shorts. An evening filled with short plays created by Brelby Artists who were given the prompt of “imagine,” “create,” or “inspire” to write their shows. We at the Brelby Buzz are very excited to give you this sneak peak into each of their shows through our This Artist Writes… series! Company Members, Jessie Tully and Mia Passarella are new writing partners, but came together to create a truly inspiring show and we love their blog about their relationship as writers!


These Girls Write… Better Half

By Jessie Tully and Mia Passarella

Jessie: I never know how to start these things I always feel super awkward…so here goes nothing. I guess we should just jump right in. How would you describe our writing process?

Mia: Hmm let’s see. We usually start with watching YouTube videos. Spoken word mostly.

J: All the you tube videos! I really do love our process. From the outside I’m sure it looks like we’re procrastinating and I’ll admit sometimes we are. But I think the common theme in all the spoken word we watch is a strong female voice. That’s where we get most of our inspiration from, female narratives.

M: Absolutely. And I think those are the type of characters and stories we are drawn to writing about as well. I’ve noticed a huge emphasis on honesty in our writing too. In all of our conversations, I know one of the biggest things we’ve always agreed on is wanting to depict truth with our words. To not be afraid to let it reflect the messiness of life.

J: Absolutely, I think that’s why we work so well together. We’ve always been honest with our opinions, our ideas, and our life experiences. Even if they are ugly, we’ve always been truthful with one another. We couldn’t have written Better Half if it was any other way.

M: No. I don’t think we could have either. It just wouldn’t be us. And it definitely wouldn’t be the type of story we would have wanted to share. K, so I suppose I should ask a question now….I think it’s sort of funny how we both were kind of thrown into this writing thing. I can’t really speak for both of us, but before Rosie’s Pub if someone came up to me and told me that I would write a short play that would be produced onstage, I would have laughed in their face. Did you ever think you would be put into this position?

J: Never. For Rosie’s Pub, we were given a woman to write about we both really admire and a subject we feel passionate about, so I guess it kind of just happened naturally. Better Half was a bit more difficult. What do you hope people take away from it, if anything?

M: Well. I hope people walk away understanding that life is messy. That sometimes f#@&ed up things happen and those things don’t define an individual human. That there’s so much grey in the world and ESPECIALLY in relationships. That sometimes there are things going on within a person that not everyone can and will understand. What about you?

J: And this is why we’re writing partners because we want the outcome of our art to be the same. Also I know we both talked a lot about mental illness and how it’s affected both of our lives in one way or another.

M: Hey, not to get all feelsy, but I guess I’m a writer now so that’s what we do, right? But I just think that it’s frikkin cool as hell that I found someone that I gel with artistically so well. Not many people can say that and I think it’s pretty special. And yeah, when we first sat down to talk about this piece, we both almost immediately came to this topic. And we both immediately expressed a want to depict it in a very real, complicated way.

J: It’s so very rad. I know I couldn’t create art like this with anyone else and that’s super special. I’m excited for us and what we’re working on after this. It’s weird to think almost exactly a year ago we started this writing journey together and now we’ve started on our third project.

M: I knoooooow! It’s crazy! But I’m really excited about it. Really excited. And for those of you who don’t know what we’re are talking about….I only have two words: Princess Peach.

J: haha! Stay tuned in the near future my friends to find out more about that! Ok I suppose we should wrap this up but before we go name 3 things that best describe our writing/writing style.

M: Ok. But you have to do the same. Poetry, filler words i.e. like, um, ehh, err (I swear there’s a word for these but I can’t find it), curse words.

J: sarcasm, strength and Sarah Kay 🙂

M: Ugh. Perfect. And also….this poem….

Our thanks to Jessie and Mia for sharing this behind the scenes glimpse into their process! We are so excited to see Better Half and all of the amazing new works our artists have created for The Night of Shorts! Tickets are available now for this limited run –don’t miss out on the opening of our Ninth Season!

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