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The Brelby Theatre Company is proud to kick off it’s Ninth Season with The Night of Shorts. An evening filled with short plays created by Brelby Artists who were given the prompt of “imagine,” “create,” or “inspire” to write their shows. We at the Brelby Buzz are very excited to give you this sneak peak into each of their shows through our This Artist Writes… series! Brelby Collaborative Artist and the lone male writer for The Night of Shorts, Jaren Navenma, takes us on a trip through his writing background and what he loves in entertainment.

This Guy Writes… Last Minute

By Jaren Navenma


JarenHello, everyone! I’m super stoked to be writing for the blog. About writing this time. My writing. Like the title says.

Ok, to start off the upcoming season is Brelby’s The Night of Shorts. As you can tell I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of this awesome event! An original, commissioned script based off of a prompt of Shelby’s choosing. “This should be simple” I thought. Well, I was partly right. You see, I haven’t been doing this playwriting thing for very long. Back In 2014, I took Brelby’s first Production Intensive, where I decided it was a good idea to “double dip” and took playwriting and directing. What resulted was art, of course, but more so an eye-opening experience and probably one of the oddest stories I had written in my life.  A story about a group of outcast children in a strange town who encounter trolls in property disputes, tree/faery love affairs, and a demon book. I love it. It’s a story that’s kind of set the tone for my playwriting style.  One I hope to touch up soon. After that it all snowballed into a new creative outlet. I continued and I helped write The Age of Eibhleann last November for Brelby where I learned to write in a group setting. Entering the New Year I continued to write as much as I could bring myself to. Then, in March I was lucky enough to submit a ten-minute to a company in Minnesota, and I was even luckier to have been accepted. This time I tapped into my Native roots and pulled a story inspired by my culture. Fast forward and now we’re here. With a script going up in January, several in the works, and one going to a friend to perform on his podcast, the Radio Improv Project. All in all it’s been amazing and weird.

That’s what all my stories have in common. Weird. Some creepy weird and others sci-fi weird. Weird nonetheless. This is all the culmination of a childhood watching movies and shows like “The Dark Crystal” and “AHHH Real Monsters”, and reading Neil Gaiman and Jeffery Cranor. I’ve always been fascinated by oddities and the like. It shows in my stories, whether it be Apple turning out to be our Skynet or bats being sentient and controlling the universe. All of this is my inspiration. I continue to look for more and I hope to find it plentiful.

Last Minute is a story about a desperate person doing whatever it takes to create the perfect birthday for the love of his life, along with the help of his “friend.” A tale exploring the depths with which a person will go to cover up his mistakes without regards to the consequences. It’s a fun and quirky show that I’m excited to see brought to life by the amazing cast. I hope that you all enjoy it too.

Our thanks to Jaren for sharing his background and current writing projects. We look forward to seeing this and all the other new works presented at this amazing night of theatre. Tickets are available now for this limited run and check back to the Brelby Buzz for more behind the scenes features on all the other short plays you will see at The Night of Shorts!

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