Where Our Stuff Goes: Get Organized!

Where Our Stuff Goes

By Megan O’Connor


Brelby Theatre Company is proud to present the first Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) show in it’s 2017 Season, Where Our Stuff Goes! 9-year old Alexander would rather play in his basement with his goldfish, Bubbles, than be anywhere near his neighbor Sheila Stone. All Sheila Stone likes to do is play on her iPad and remind him that his father is never coming back. When Alexander discovers that his beloved father’s sneakers are missing, he is sure Sheila is the thief. Then he meets Hoardace, a creature made of clothing and other basement belongings with an affinity for hoarding, who promises Alexander he can help find the missing sneakers. Eager for a friend, Alexander excitedly follows Hoardace to his underground hoarding world, where he quickly realizes Hoardace isn’t exactly who he said he was. In anticipation of this fun adventure, the Brelby Buzz has polled some our Brelby artists for their organizational tips and tricks to help us all know exactly where our stuff should go.

Colleen Carnahan (She Kills Monsters, 2014; Nonfat Soy Peppermint Mocha Latte… with Sprinkles. A Tale of Christmas Spirit, 2015; After Hours at Rosie’s Pub, 2016): Well if you’re talking about like spaces, then containers all the way. And finding ways to utilize an entire space effectively. Like hanging things on doors, or creating shelving so you have more levels instead of one, or using the underside of a shelf as well as the regular side. In terms of files/projects/task type things color coding is helpful. Agenda books/schedule books and to-do lists, all the to-do lists.

Shelby Huston (Windfall, 2016; Postcards from the Apocalypse, 2016; After Hours at Rosie’s Pub, 2016; The Oz Chronicles, 2016):  Color code everything! Ex.) Blue folder for bills, Red for shopping. I also love buying cute or colorful office supplies in general because it makes organizing more fun. ALSO sticky notes work wonders. Putting little reminders on the bathroom mirror or even in your car.

Willa Eigo (She Kills Monsters, 2014; Beyond Musketeers: Utopia Lost, 2015; Poseidon’s Regret, 2015):  I agree with Shelby; sticky notes and color coding. I have my main planner, with everything color coded in different pen colors. I also have another planner which I use as a food journal/notebook/meal planner/calendar overview. That one is sectioned out based on subject. I also make a point to clean everything every weekend (bathroom, living room, kitchen, floors) and make my bed every day.

Megan O’Connor (Ghost: The Musical, 2016; The Oz Chronicles, 2016; After Hours at Rosie’s Pub, 2016): Embrace Spring Cleaning! Go through your closets and drawers and donate things you haven’t worn in the past year. Empty out the junk drawer and throw away the coupons from Bath and Body Works that expired a year ago. You’re never going to use them! Find ways to make it fun, like putting together a playlist with your favorite Spring jams (“California Dreamin’ by the Mamas and the Papas is a must)! And no procrastination! Do it now!!

Amber Wright (Peter and the Starcatcher, 2017): With planner/ calendar type things, I agree and will echo color coding! I have many different types of pens and highlighters in different colors. I am obsessed with stationery.

For physical items at home, it depends. I like color coding for files I may need (receipts, documents, leases, paycheck stubs, etc.) but prefer the grouping or chunking method for things like clothes or books. I group books by content (journals, textbooks, scripts, fiction….). For clothes- pants, then long sleeve shirts, then dresses… I could go on.

Heather Gahagan (The 3rd Annual Miscast Concert, 2016; Postcards from the Apocalypse, 2016): I really love my label maker. Everything gets tagged so I know what it is and then I have a tally sheet to know where it is.

Hayla Stewart (Where Our Stuff Goes, Space Junk 2017):The first step is the hardest: creating a system. It’s best when you come up with it yourself so it makes sense. Like I keep hardware near office supplies and craft supplies bc it’s related to creation; things like that. Labels aren’t needed but can be fun. I think a lot of it is just getting rid of stuff you don’t need and keeping the mementos to a minimum.

Our thanks to our organized artists for the tips and tricks! We can’t wait to bust out our sharpies and get to organizing! Where Our Stuff Goes plays March 18, 19, 25, 26 April 1, 2, 8, 9 @ 5PM and is available for bookings. Admission is FREE, so come on down!

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