November 2019 Blogathon: Clayton Caufman

It is Brelby tradition to dedicate the month of November to giving a platform for our artists to share their stories. This month our annual Blogathon theme returns to its roots with a visit back to the topic of “My Brelby Story.” We’ve grown a great deal over the past few years, and many of our original bloggers have moved on to new careers, new lives, new challenges, and new cities. Enjoy this year’s series with 30 Days of Blogs.

At Brelby I have never had one of my crazy ideas turned down.
When I told them that for my first ever sound design, that I wanted to record all the sounds myself, they didn’t say, “Woah, slow down there, Tiger”. They let me do it and didn’t stop me when I brought in a guitar and a screwdriver to rehearsal to make an ambulance siren.

When I told them I wanted to write and record original music with my band for a show, they let me . . . Twice! I never thought that I would ever write one original song, let alone 45 minutes of music in two totally different styles. One of those soundtracks was even nominated for a Zoni.

For me Brelby has been a place of personal growth and opportunity. They have accepted all of my crazy ideas with an open mind (even if one of them involved hanging string lights from the ceiling to mimic the night sky).  I have grown so much as an artist over the last 5 years and I owe a lot of it to this company and the people in it.

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