November 2019 Blogathon: Emma Domakeczna

It is Brelby tradition to dedicate the month of November to giving a platform for our artists to share their stories. This month our annual Blogathon theme returns to its roots with a visit back to the topic of “My Brelby Story.” We’ve grown a great deal over the past few years, and many of our original bloggers have moved on to new careers, new lives, new challenges, and new cities. Enjoy this year’s series with 30 Days of Blogs.

I started theatre back in 2015 in Arizona Broadway Theater’s The King and I. I quickly fell in love with it all. One day, my mom found an ad for upcoming auditions for Dottie Dot the Musical at Brelby. I instantly knew I wanted to audition, even though I had very little theater experience. I made it to callbacks and everyone was so welcoming. I didn’t make it in, but I knew that it wasn’t going to be the last I ever saw of that little theater.

A few years later, I auditioned for a show that Brian and Shelby directed and needless to say it was one of my favorite shows I had ever done and it still is. 

For me, Brelby is such a special place. Brelby shows are such a different experience than your typical theater production. They take a different approach to things and it makes an incredible impact on how the overall show turns out. Brelby is one of the only places where I don’t have to worry about what I look like or how awkward I am. I can be who I am without being judged and have fun while doing it. I am so grateful for everyone there and I can’t wait for the future!

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