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The Brelby Buzz

  • The Oz Chronicles: Loyalty and Leadership

    The Great Debates: Loyalty and Leadership
    By Megan O’Connor
    The battle for Oz is going to be coming to the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, home of Theater Works, on August 12th. Leading up to the final battle we at the […]

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  • Design Diaries: The Puppets of Oz (Part I)

    The Puppets of Oz
    Part I
    By Mia Passarella
    Hey everyone! I am so excited to be doing this for the next few weeks.  The Oz Chronicles marks my third official puppet design with Brelby. Or…you know…ever…but it’s sure to be the best […]

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  • Queen of the Day: Bertha Cortes

    Queen of the Day
    By Megan O’Connor
    Brelby Theatre Company is all about positivity and building up our artists and we are especially dedicated to promoting our female artists and as such we have Brelby Artists nominate one new woman every month […]

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  • Brelby Besties: Jessie & Lauren

    Brelby Besties
    Jessie Tully and Lauren Forschino
    No strangers to the Summer Epic, Brelby Company Member, Jessie Tully, and her bestie, Brelby Collaborative Artist, Lauren Forschino, sat down, had a chat, forgot we were listening and let us post it anyway. Jessie […]

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  • In the Director’s Chair: The Oz Chronicles

    In the Director’s Chair – The Oz Chronicles
    An interview with Brian Maticic
    By Shelby Maticic
    SHELBY: How would you describe your directing style?
    BRIAN: Oh. huh. This is hard to answer in any sort of straight forward way. I suppose a good starting […]

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  • In Good Company: Cody Goulder

    William Shakespeare…The Voice of our Generation?
    By Cody Goulder
    Exactly 400 years ago, William Shakespeare passed away leaving behind a legacy of plays, poems, and prose that has been remounted, retouched, and remodeled by generations of theatre companies, professional and amateur, for […]

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  • The Oz Chronicles: Meet the Oz-semble

    Meet the Oz-Semble
    By Megan O’Connor
    This year’s Summer Epic, The Oz Chronicles, is bringing to life classic characters from The Oz Books, and this is Oz like we’ve never seen it before! Alliances will be formed and broken as good versus […]

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  • Sass & Stuff: The Other Side

    The Other Side
    By Megan O’Connor
    I’m so tired, guys.
    The Oz Chronicles marks my third Summer Epic with Brelby, but this time I’m not Stage Managing like before… I’m acting, which means a whole new set of challenges. You’d think since […]

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  • How to Survive Brelby Boot Camp

    How to Survive Boot Camp
    By Megan O’Connor
    The experience of being part of the cast and crew of a Brelby Theatre Company summer epic is unparalleled by any of our other shows. True, there may be combat in other shows, and […]

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  • Congratulations to the cast of Macbeth!

    Join us in congratulating the cast of our fall production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. This will be our first annual Shakespeare in the Park venture, performing as free event for the public in downtown Glendale’s Murphy Park Amphitheatre Oct 28, 29, 31, Nov […]

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  • Notes from a Teaching Artist: Preparation

    Once a month, expect a blog entry for Notes from a Teaching Artist, a Brelby Buzz series from my noisy brain that casts a wide net, covering topics related to educational theatre and theatre artistry.
    I hope you’ll participate in this […]

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  • Shelby’s Pre-Show Checklist: July

    We’re officially all moved in. All of our belongings now reside at The Brelby Playhouse.
    Just in the off chance that you’ve been on vacation for the last few months…here’s the big news. Brelby Theatre Company purchased a building and moved […]

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  • Sneak Peek: The Oz Chronicles (Part II)

    Sneak Peek #2: The Oz Chronicles
    By Megan O’Connor
    The tradition of the Summer Epic continues and because of the grand scale of this cast, we’ve split the Sneak Peeks into two segments! As promised, here is the second of these to […]

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  • Sneak Peek: The Oz Chronicles (Part I)

    Sneak Peek: The Oz Chronicles
    By Megan O’Connor
    The tradition of the Summer Epic continues in grand form this summer as Brelby Theatre Company prepares to take a trip down the Brick Roads of Oz on an epic adventure penned by Artistic […]

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  • #tbt: Fangirl

    #tbt: Fangirl
    By Alexxis Briviesca
    It’s remarkable how a show can change you. Sure, every show seems to fulfill an artist’s starving belly in  different ways- whether it is intellectually, personally, or emotionally. I always try to treat each show I am […]

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