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  • Shelby’s Pre-Show Checklist – May

    May is here! The sun is shining, birds are singing…and we’re about to see the world crumble.
    The second installment of our 2016 Studio Series, Paco Jose Madden’s Postcards from the Apocalypse opens this month. The show weaves together vignettes from seven […]

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  • Rambling Ideals: Closing Weekend

    Closing Weekend
    By April Rideout

    It’s always bittersweet to end any production. There is so much build up to tech week with a whirlwind of activity by adding costumes, props, sound, set, etc. to the production and creating this world that you […]

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  • Postcards from the Apocalypse: Ixy & Heather

    The second installment of Brelby’s 2016 Studio Series opens May 12. Postcards from the Apocalypse by Paco José Madden, takes us on a journey through an apocalypse of apocalypses. We asked some of our cast members to write us […]

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  • Queen of the Day: Carolyn McBurney

    Queen of the Day
    By Megan O’Connor
    Brelby Theatre Company is all about positivity and building up our artists and we are especially dedicated to promoting our female artists and as such we have Brelby Artists nominate one new woman every month […]

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  • Brelby Besties: Ayan & Devon

    Brelby Besties: Ayan Aunario and Devon Mahon
        The fourth edition of Brelby Besties pairs two NAU (Northern Arizona University) alumni, Ayan Aunario and Devon Mahon, together for a look into the workings of their friendship. Ayan was an amazing Assistant […]

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  • Sass & Stuff: A Plea for Collaboration

    A Plea for Collaboration
    By Megan O’Connor
    Lately, I’ve been working on a couple of projects that require collaboration, which is always intimidating because you never know if your teammates are team players. It’s incredibly disappointing if they aren’t because I love […]

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  • #throwbackthursday: 12 Days of Christmas

    ThrowbackThursday: 12 Days of Christmas
    By: Melody Chrispen
    You know how the saying goes: “Third time’s the charm.” With Meet the Dryers being the 3rd installment of our company productions, I can say that this one has definitely been a charming experience. […]

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  • In Good Company: Mat Vansen

    In Good Company
    By Mat Vansen
    I am not a writer.
    This is one of the many things I’ve learned during my time with Brelby and certainly not one of the last. I’ve also learned that I’m a pretty good director (shameless plug, […]

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  • Meet the Dryers: Oh Noetry

    Meet the Dryers: Oh Noetry
    By Megan O’Connor
    A Page Ripped Out of the Diary of Beckett Blake
    I am a tree.
    In the wind.
    I am a leaf.
    To the ground.
    I am an ant.
    With my colony.
    I am a part.
    Than just me.
    Teach me how to quit […]

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  • Congratulations to the cast of “After Hours at Rosie’s Pub!”

    Congratulations to the cast of “After Hours at Rosie’s Pub,” the third installment in the 2016 Studio Series.
    Rosie the Riveter – Shelby Maticic
    Monica Lewinsky – Megan O’Connor
    Jane Austen – Alexandra Utpadel
    Mary Magdalene – Kay Gray
    Hera – Brenna Jackson
    Frida Kahlo – Chelsea […]

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  • Rambling Ideals: Behind the Curtain

    Rambling Ideals: Behind the Curtain
    By April Rideout
    Last weekend, Brelby Theatre Company’s core ensemble opened the second MainStage show of the season, Meet the Dryers. It’s certainly been a whirlwind of a weekend with food fights, boxing matches, mashed potatoes (the variety […]

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  • Brelby Localist: The Hop Stop Diner

    Brelby Localist: The Hop Stop Diner
    By: Zachary Arnold

    My absolute favorite place in Downtown Glendale is The Hop Stop Diner (or as it was previously known…Krispy Creations). If I could go here every single day, I totally would. During two show […]

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  • These Guys Write: Meet the Dryers

    These Guys Write: Meet the Dryers
    By Megan O’Connor
    The Second Mainstage of the Season opens tonight! Meet the Dryers follows the story of James, whose extreme embellishments of the lives of his family members backfires during their Thanksgiving get together. Originally […]

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  • Meet the Dryers: An Email

    Meet the Dryers: An Email
    By Megan O’Connor
    TO: Joan Dryer
    FROM: Minnie Presley
    Subject Line: Before Thanksgiving
    Ok Joan, I’m really hoping you get this email before dinner this weekend so we don’t have to try and talk about it with everyone around, but […]

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  • Sneak Peek: Postcards from the Apocalypse

    Sneak Peek: Postcards from the Apocalypse
    By Megan O’Connor
    The Second Installment of the Studio Series has had their first read through and we at the Brelby Buzz simply couldn’t wait to hear all about this end of the world story! Postcards […]

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