2010 Season

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
By Adam Long, Daniel Singer & Jess Wingfield

Three guys. Thirty seven plays. Under two hours.

Brelby Theatre Company is proud to present their first production of 2010. This is Shakespeare for those who don’t think they like Shakespeare – and especially for those who do!








As You Like It
by William Shakespeare

“As You Like It” is a play of passion, transformation, and deceit. In this modern re-imagining of Shakespeare’s famous comedy, the urban inhabitants of the turbulent court find themselves thrust into the tranquil forest of Arden where a tale is spun of usurping Dukes, a cross-dressing heroine, and a young man’s journey to win the heart of a beautiful princess. Along the way you’ll meet the likes of a headstrong luchador wrestler, a melancholy philosopher, and a lustful jester of the court. Join us in discovering how this fairytale, which examines the many faces of love, turns out.








Non-Fat Soy Peppermint Mocha Latte…With Sprinkles
by Brian Maticic

In this modern reimagination of Dicken’s classic “A Christmas Carol,” we follow the journey of Darren in his attempts to dodge the Spirit of the season. Literally. An over caffeinated “spirit-in-training” makes it her mission to reignite Darren’s long absent passion for the holidays. Will Darren’s frozen heart melt for his festive co-worker Trish? Or will the strain of his own holiday tragedy overshadow the true meaning of the season?