Brelby Productions

Brelby Productions (formerly the Brelby Theatre Company) has undergone some changes in the past few years, and we’re continuing to adapt and grow into our next iteration.

Our current project is the 2022 summer tour of Luna & Solis. As we prepare to embark on our west coast adventure, ultimately landing us at the San Diego International Fringe Festival, we invite you all to follow our journey on social media or by becoming a Patreon member (where members will receive daily updates exclusive to that community).

Learn more about Luna & Solis here:

Supporters can also support us by “buying us a coffee” while we’re on the road. Support us at any level by donating on venmo, and we’ll share a video thank you note from one of our tour ensemble members.

Stay tuned for updates later this summer about what Brelby’s next ventures will be. We’ve changed, but we’re still here. In our 14th season, we’re still here.

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