2011 Season

God’s Favorite
By Neil Simon

Successful Long Island businessman Joe Benjamin is a modern-day ‘Job’ with a high-maintenance wife, ungrateful children and wise-cracking household help. Just when it seems things couldn’t get any worse, he is visited by Sidney Lipton aka A Messenger from God (and compulsive film buff) with a mission: test Joe’s faith and report back to “the Boss”. The jokes and Tests of Faith fly fast and furious as Neil Simon spins a contemporary morality tale like no other in this hilarious comedy.
Performances dates:

August 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27 at 7:30pm
August 20, 21 & 28 at 2:00pm

Directed by: Shelby Elise Maticic

Joe Benjamin – Justin Wagner
Sydney Lipton – Chris Zimmerman
Rose Benjamin – Leah Nemecek
David Benjamin – Brian Maticic
Sarah Benjamin – Hannah Datz
Ben Benjamin – Sam Keller
Mady – Patty Stephens
Morris – Calion Maston


Alice’s Canvas: The Wonderland Exhibition
Written by the 2011 Brelby Writer’s Circle (Brian Maticic, Ellyn Heald, Luke Gomez & Shelby Maticic)


Alice, an art student, is facing the challenge that many soon to be college graduates are…what will be waiting for her beyond receiving her diploma? When the subject of Alice’s final exhibition piece suddenly disappears from her painting, she finds that her future art career may be in jeopardy. She follows him into a world of wonder, beauty and bizarre characters who issue her a most curious challenge before she can return home.


Performances dates:October 28, 29, November 2, 3, 4, & 5 at 7:30pm
October 29, 30, November 6 at 2:00pm

Alice – Hannah Datz
Mad Hatter – Brian Maticic
White Rabbit – Chris Zimmerman
White Knight – Justin Wagner
Red Knight – Jesse Taggart
White Queen – Melissa Gibbs
Red Queen – Patty Stephens
Cheshire Cat – Leah Nemecek
Tweedle Dee – Sam Keller
Tweedle Dum – Calion Maston
Jabberwocky – Luke Gomez
Caterpillar – Dr. Andy Yates
Marigold – Katharine Roberts
Rose – Alex Nally
Iris – Erin Van Liew