Now & Then

Now & Then: Brian & Shelby

The first annual Brelby blogathon was almost a year ago. The funny thing with running a small business is that time can simultaneously fly by…and move at a snail’s pace. It’s been the shortest longest year yet. We’ve produced a full season of theatre, overcome obstacles, attended weddings and memorials, […]

Now & Then: Fernando Perez

As I write this update to my Brelby story, I am currently sitting in the studio, working through the lighting design for Beyond Musketeers: Utopia Lost.  That was something I never expected to happen or even a job I thought I would want to do, but as I’ve been with […]

Now & Then: Zachary Arnold 1

Zachary Arnold Then. November 29, 2014. I was relatively new to Brelby Theatre Company. I was quiet, naïve, unsure of how to react in this new welcoming environment because it was so different from what I was used to. That became much more apparent when I stage managed Little Shop […]

Now & Then: Kaylah Kermode 2

  Hello! I am honored to do another blog for the Brelby website! A lot has happened since my last blog! The last time I wrote about how I came to be at Brelby and how they changed me for the better. It’s been a year now and life has […]

Now and Then: Luke Gomez

Where to begin. I’ve asked myself that a lot as I tried to start to write this. I decided first to revisit my original November blog, see what I could elaborate or add on and what struck me was how generic I made my Brelby experience sound. It felt short, […]

Now and Then: Devon Mahon

I began at the beginning and started at the middle. That probably doesn’t make sense at first, but I got my bearings in theatre at the very place where Brelby began, at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. Brian and Shelby were already gone at this time as I pursued […]