Rambling Ideals

Rambling Ideals: Survival Strategies

Survival Strategies By April Rideout   Postcards from the Apocalypse opened last night at Brelby Theatre Company as the second studio series for our 2016 season. In this new piece by Paco Jose Madden, there are seven different apocalypses depicted and I want to lay out a few of my […]

Rambling Ideals: Closing Weekend

Closing Weekend By April Rideout It’s always bittersweet to end any production. There is so much build up to tech week with a whirlwind of activity by adding costumes, props, sound, set, etc. to the production and creating this world that you inhabit for the entire run of the show. […]

Rambling Ideals: Closure

Closure By April Rideout   One of the most beautiful things about theater is that you are able to create a world and bring a story alive every night for an audience. And, one of my favorite aspects of this piece of art is that every audience member experiences the […]

Rambling Ideals: MISCAST TAKEOVER!

Rambling Ideals: MISCAST TAKEOVER   In the spirit of this month’s upcoming 2nd Annual Miscast Concert, other Brelby artists will take over Megan and April’s biweekly columns. Jessie Tully is hijacking April’s “Rambling Ideals” on this lovely Friday morning.   Theatre: My Other Boyfriend By Jessie Tully   I started […]

Rambling Ideals: Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown By April Rideout Just picture in your mind a place that you associate with the word ‘home.’ It’s familiar, warm, safe, inviting, and you know what to expect. There is usually a negative connotation when confronting the unknown or unexpected. It can be a genuine fear for some […]