Auditions for the world premiere of Wolves of Sherwood by Chelsea Frandsen will be held from 9am-12pm on Sunday Feb 24th at the Brelby Theatre Company.
Direction by John Perovich
Fight Choreography by Brian Maticic

Audition slots can be reserved by emailing If you are unable to attend on this date, video submissions will be accepted through 2/22.

Callbacks will be held by invitation on March 3rd from 10am-12:30pm

Auditioners will be asked to prepare two contrasting monologues. In total they should not be longer than two minutes.

Rehearses: April 1-May 9 (Sun-Thurs from 6:30pm-10pm, with some 2-8pm Sunday rehearsals)
Performs:May 10-11, 17-18, 24-25 @ 7:30PM
May 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 @ 2:00PM

Synopsis: Most incarnations of Robin Hood end when Richard comes home and we believe that Robin and Marion are living happily ever after. But what happens after Happily Ever After? In Wolves of Sherwood, Richard the Lionheart is dead. Robin Hood & Marion have a son, Cassian, intent on making his own legacy. Friar Tuck is the pseudonym of a spy for the outlaws. Sir Guy of Gisbourne has brought his daughter, Ravenna, to Nottingham to make a marriage of alliance with Sheriff Josselin DeClaire. And DeClaire has hired an Assassin to annihilate the outlaws in Sherwood once and for all.

Robin of Locksley 35. ​Outlaw, and former Earl of Huntingdon. Born leader, confidant to the point of cockiness. (This role has already been cast)
Marion of Locksley 33. ​Lady of Sherwood and Locksley’s wife. Fiercely loyal to Locksley and protective of Cassian. (This role has already been cast)
*Cassian of Locksley 17.​ Their son. Independent and defiant; he’s inherited Locksley’s cockiness, and tired of living as a “hero’s son” and hidden in the shadows.
*Guy of Gisbourne 40. ​Current Earl of Huntingdon and sworn enemy of Locksley. Possessed of a cool head and calculating nature, he’s schemed his way to the top and intends to stay there.
*Tarquin DuBois/Friar Tuck. ​25. Gisbourne’s adopted son; and Locksley’s ally, recruited by Cassian. Sardonic and able to keep his own counsel, but harbors intense dislike for DeClaire and Malbête, and protective affection for his sister Ravenna.
*Ravenna of Gisbourne 16. Gisbourne’s adopted daughter, and DeClaire’s ​fiancé​. Fiery, gamine, and independent.
*Tirzah Laszlo ​20.​ A Romani(gypsy) healer in love with Jean-Luc, and his personal spy in Nottingham. Vivacious and open-minded with a blunt tongue to match, she is the only one who can penetrate Jean-Luc’s seemingly semi-emotionless facade.
*Josselin DeClaire 25. ​Sheriff of Nottingham; he is affianced to Ravenna and Cassian’s nemesis. Ambitious, brash, and serpentine, he tends to act before thinking on more than one occasion.
*Etienne Malbête​ 35. ​Mercenary, assassin, and DeClaire’s pet thug. Slimy, sadistic little weasel of a man.
*Will Scathelocke 39. ​Locksley’s older brother, second in command, and father to Jean-Luc and Braelyn. Level-headed, occasionally sarcastic, and suspicious of everyone.
*Elodie Scathelocke 35. ​Will’s French wife, Jean-Luc and Braelyn’s mother. A former mercenary, with tattoos that support her former profession, and a personality that does not. More trusting than Will, and usually the mediator of Locksley’s band.
*Jean-Luc Scathelocke ​21. ​Will and Elodie’s son. A warrior, he has inherited Will’s suspicious nature, follows orders without question, regularly butts heads with his cousin Cassian, and only lets his guard down around Tirzah.
*Braelyn Scathelocke​ ​15. ​Will and Elodie’s daughter. A fierce little firecracker, she dislikes being told what to do, and is more outgoing than Jean-Luc, as she’s inherited Elodie’s trusting nature.​