Submit your video auditions to by 12/15 for consideration.
Show us 32 bars of music for Lysistrata Jones, and a 1 minute monologue for Spin.

Lysistrata Jones callbacks will be held by invitation only on Dec 16 from 2-5:30
Spin callbacks will be held by invitation only on Dec 17 from 9-12

Auditioners should prepare two contrasting pieces. Monologues should run no longer than 2 minutes in total length. (Please show us something modern…both shows have debuted in the last decade…no Shakespeare.)

(If auditioning for Lysistrata Jones, the second piece should be a 32-bar selection. We recommend a belter song that shows off range. Avoid tracks if possible. Our music director will be accompanying auditions.)

Lysistrata Jones
Book By Douglas Carer Beane
Music and Lyrics by Lewis Flinn
Directed by Shelby Maticic
Music Direction by CJ O’Hara

Performs: Feb 9-10, 16-17, 23-24, March 2-3 @ 7:30pm
Feb 11, 18, 25 @ 2pm
Rehearses: 1/8-2/8 (Sun-Thurs from 6:30-10PM, some Sundays from 2-8)

Our show starts – for a moment – in ancient Greece. The play “Lysistrata” has begun under the watchful care of “Hetaira.” With a twinkle of her eye and a flick of her wrist, we are in the present day and on the campus of Athens University where the basketball team hasn’t won a game in 30 years. But when spunky transfer student Lysistrata Jones dares the squad’s fed-up girlfriends to stop “giving it up” to their boyfriends until they win a game, the team’s legendary losing streak could finally come to an end. Adapted from Lysistrata, Aristophanes’ classic Greek comedy, LYSISTRATA JONES takes student activism to a whole new level and celebrates the journey of discovering and embracing who you truly are.

Lysistrata Jones – Early 20s, College cheerleading captain. She’s hot, and she knows it. A stereotypical blonde, she’s the charismatic leader of the cheerleaders. Vocal style: contemporary pop / R&B voice with a thrilling high belt. Cheerleading skills a plus.
Mick – Early 20s. Lysistrata’s boyfriend, and the star captain of the college basketball team. Natural charismatic leader and alpha male. Vocal style: soaring contemporary pop / R & B voice.
Hetaira – late 20s – early 50s, any ethnicity. Our only adult, she is the wise narrator for the show and dons several personas, starting in ancient Grecian attire as a storyteller. A large presence and personality who can command our attention. Vocal style: contemporary pop.
Lampito – Early 20s, Asian. Harajuku interpretation of a college cheerleader. Passionate, but sometimes dimwitted. A follower, but not without her own backbone. Vocal style: contemporary pop. Cheerleading skills a plus.
Myrrhine – African American woman, early 20s. College cheerleader who would easily fit in with the girls of “The Hills”. Vocal style: contemporary pop / R&B voice with a thrilling high belt. Cheerleading skills a plus.
Robin – Woman, early 20s. Intellectual college student. Works in the library. A bookworm and poet, her favorite choice of expression is spoken-word/slam poetry. Vocal style: contemporary pop. Cheerleading skills a plus.
Cleonice – Latina, early 20s. Wise, fiery college cheerleader. Needs to be comfortable speaking Spanish. Vocal style: contemporary pop. Cheerleading skills a plus.
Cinesias – Caucasian or Asian man, early 20s. College basketball player. Suburban kid who dresses (and tries to act) like a “gangsta rapper”. Doesn’t typically think before he speaks, which gets him in trouble with his girlfriend Mhyrinne. Vocal style: great contemporary pop / R & B voice
Xander – Man, 20s. Outcast college student, obsessed with progressive causes. Deeply passionate about politics and standing up for change. Falls hard for Lysistrata; dances a duet with her. Vocal style: contemporary pop.
Tyllis – African American man, early 20s. Argyle-wearing, preppy, self-proclaimed “buppie” (black yuppie) of the college basketball team. Vocal style: contemporary pop / R & B voice.
‘Uardo – Latino, early 20s. College basketball player. Should be comfortable speaking Spanish. Must be a good singer/actor and incredible dancer with great comedic timing. Break dancing a plus. Vocal style: contemporary pop.
Harold – Man, early 20s, any ethnicity. Acrobatics and physical tricks preferred. Vocal style: contemporary pop.

By Shelby Elise Maticic
Directed by Brian Maticic

Performs: March 23-24, 30-31, April 6-7, 13-14 @ 7:30pm
March 25, April 8 @ 2pm
Rehearses: 2/12-3/21 (Sun-Thurs 6:30-10:00pm, some Sundays from 2-8)

Spin tells the story of the Derby Dames, a hot shot team in the fast paced world of roller derby. When their star jammer is laid up with a 9 month injury, the Dames reluctantly agree to bring on the team captain’s sister Dahlia. Dahlia, a high school physics teacher, is drawn to the science of the sport…but will she be able to handle the cutthroat competition?

Dahlia- Female. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. HS Physics Teacher. Typically known as quiet and passive, she agrees to join the DD team to help her sister Iris out of a tough situation, and to prove to herself that she can take risks.
Iris- Female. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. Dahlia’s older sister. Captain of the Derby Dames. Sometimes comes across as brash and short tempered, but this usually stems from being incredibly defensive of her inner circle.
Scarlett- Female. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. The DD’s star jammer (point scorer) until she is forced to take a hiatus due to an unplanned pregnancy. Flirtatious and quick-witted.
Gwen- Female. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. Blocker for the DD’s. She and Scarlett were an item until Scarlett’s recent news came to light. Adrenaline junkie.
Bella- Female. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. Blocker for the DD’s. Kindergarten teacher by day with a fun and funky style…think Ms. Frizzle.
Veronica- Female. Latina. 20s-30s. Blocker for the DD’s. Trauma nurse. Sweet and nurturing…keeps a cool head in high pressure situations.
Alice- Female. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. Blocker for the DD’s. Owns a coffee shop/wine bar, The Rabbit Hole, that the local derby girls tend to frequent. Cheerful and generous with her time, her shop, and her community.
Tempest- Female. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. Blocker for the DD’s. Like her name, she’s a force of nature. Loud, colorful, and often overwhelming.
Lexi- Female. Latina. 20s-30s. Blocker for the DD’s. Computer geek by day. She’s a web page designer…and used to moonlight as a hacker…but is trying go straight.
Julia-Female. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. Blocker for the DDs. Artist. She likes to show off her creativity in any way possible. She paints, sews, cosplays, and runs an open mic night at Alice’s coffee shop.
Joey-Male. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. Derby referee. He and Iris have been best friends for over a decade, proving that it is possible to ‘just be friends.’ He’s a baker by day, provides pastries for The Rabbit Hole. Articulate, patient, kind.
Hudson-Male. Any ethnicity. 20s-30s. Barista/Bartender at The Rabbit Hole. Charming, smooth-talker. He’s a big flirt, but also has a big heart.