Auditions for Fly By Night and Spy Love You will be held 2/17 & 2/18 from 9am-12pm.
Callbacks for Fly By Night will be by invitation only on Feb 24th from 9am-12pm.
Callbacks for Spy Love You will be by invitation only on Feb 25th from 9am-12pm
Auditioners will be expected to prepare two contrasting monologues, totaling no more than 2 minutes.
(If auditioning for Fly By Night, one monologue will be substituted with 32 bars of music. We have a great accompanist…who is also our MD…we expect you to bring sheet music and take advantage of this.)
**Please choose modern pieces. Neither of these shows is Shakespeare.**

Show details are below.
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Fly By Night
Conceived by Kim Rosenstock
Written by Will Connolly, Michael Mitnick & Kim Rosenstock
Directed by Brian & Shelby Maticic
Music Direction by CJ O’Hara

Rehearses: April 2-May 10 (Sun-Thurs from 6:30-10:00…some Sundays from 2-8)
Performs: May 11-12, 18-19, 25-26, June 1-2 @ 7:30pm/ May 13, 20, 27 @ 2pm

A star-crossed prophecy. A lot of music. Just not a lot of light. In this darkly comic rock-fable, a melancholy sandwich maker’s humdrum life is intersected by two entrancing sisters. A sweeping ode to young love set against the backdrop of the northeast blackout of 1965, Fly By Night is a tale about making your way and discovering hope in a world beset by darkness.

(This show is designed for nontraditional casting, so we encourage and hope that actors of all builds, orientations, and ethnicities will audition.)

NARRATOR – our guide
HAROLD L. MCCLAM – a sandwich maker
MR. MCCLAM – father of Harold
DAPHNE – an actress
MIRIAM – a waitress
CRABBLE – a deli owner
JOEY STORMS – a playwright
Spy Love You
Written by John Perovich

Rehearses: May 27-June 28 (Sun-Thurs 6:30-10:00pm, some Sundays from 2-8)
Performs: June 29-30, July 6-7, 13-14, 20-21 @ 7:30pm/ July 1, 8, 15 @ 2pm

Charley and Katie Sterling always had big dreams of being spies for the C.I.A., but they settled for working in mall security…at least that’s what their willing to share with each other—hey, it’s classified! What happens when our seemingly innocent couple hides their spy shenanigans? Hilarity ensues as the Sterlings go under cover to prevent a criminal mastermind from destroying planet Earth! spy love you pays tribute to its genre while packing its laughs and surprises at break-neck speed.

**Important note on casting – This is an ensemble based show. The roles listed are performers’ primary roles. All roles will be multi-cast with few exceptions.**

*This role has already been cast* : Charles “Danger” Sterling – just your average mall cop dreaming of big, special ops division, international espionage. Charles is high energy, has good intentions, and often thinks first…asks questions later…if at all.

*This role has already been cast*: Kate Sterling – like her husband Charles, Kate is a mall cop with dreams of international hi-jinx. Smart, resourceful, tech savvy, and full of surprises, Kate will stop at nothing to…well…you’ll see…

ABC – Charles’ uptight yet oblivious director—ABC plays by the books…and “by the books,” we mean “seat of the pants.” Forgetful and caring.

123 – Kate’s meticulous director. Doesn’t miss much…including the size of paper clips. 123 is all about the numbers game…and saving the day…one economic decision at a time.

Numbers – ABC’s office assistant. Numbers is absolutely smitten with Charles Sterling. Refusing to do any assigned tasks, it’s a wonder Numbers still has a job.

Letters – 123’s office assistant, Letters is overworked, underpaid, and Kate’s confidant. Often providing that support Kate needs, Letters is a true friend.

Minerva Schlitz – You do not want to mess with the Schlitz. Fierce, deadly, and a true crowd pleaser, Minerva lives for the limelight…whether that’s impressing the masses, offing an insubordinate, or serving the mysterious leader of her villainous international organization—”The Man.”

Kodiak – Minerva’s right hand ursa major, Kodiak has been trained in the art of crippling snuggles. Willing to do anything to please the Schlitz, Kodiak will take it to the limit…and then go even further…to advance the agenda of that mysterious leader—”The Man.”

Doctor Shenanigans – Long time servant of “The Man,” Doc Shenanigans is up to no good when planning to _______________________ (redacted). With glowing dreams of a darker future, Doc Shenanigans is ready to (literally) blow our minds.

Agent Double O’ Nothing – An older, wiser agent who’s seen some stuff…Double O’ appears and disappears for…what seems like no reason. (Is there a reason?) With a mixture of “spy-infused sansei” plus “dim-witted Gandalf,” Double O’ is just what the spies of the next gen ordered.