Luna & Solis
Book & Lyrics by Brian Maticic
Music by Brian Maticic, Helen Pauline Morris & Ben Cleaveland
Directed by Shelby Elise Maticic


We are casting for our Fall run of the show Glendale.
Ideally this cast will remain on board for our Spring run in Peoria, AZ and our CA/OR summer tour to the San Diego International Fringe Festival and beyond.

Fall Details:
Rehearses Oct 3- Nov 11
Glendale Show Dates: Nov 12-14, 19-21
Artist Stipend: $350

Spring/Summer Details:
Peoria Show Dates: May 7 & 8 ($100 stipend)
CA & OR Tour Dates: June 1-13 (Travel/lodging will be covered and an additional stipend TBD will be made available for the tour cast.)

Synopsis: The sun and the moon have loved one another from afar for eons, but their responsibility to humanity keeps them apart. They are only able to meet in person during an eclipse, when they take corporeal form.  However, eventually they grew weary of putting the lives of humans above their one happiness, and decide to run away together during the latest solar eclipse. What will humankind have to do to restore the balance?

Primary Characters:
Luna – The moon
Solis – The sun
Sienna – A young lover, female.
Aaron – A young lover, male.
Sam – Sienna’s Parent
Amara – Aaron’s Mother, female
Dolo – A politician of sorts with suspicious motives
Dez – Dolo’s son, male
Pithy – The witch of the woods

(We are seeking a cast of 9 artists who are comfortable with ensemble work and can sing. Each performer will take on multiple characters throughout the piece, but will have a central primary character that they portray. Almost all of the characters can be entirely flexible in their portrayals, and we welcome artists of any gender, race, ethnicity, body type, and physical ability to audition. We are also seeking two musicians who are skilled in a variety of string and percussion instruments to help create the soundscape of the world. These musicians will deliver a few lines for a minor character.)
To submit: Send to by 9/13
The initial round will be video submissions. Send us a monologue OR tell us a story. Maybe part of your favorite fairy tale. We’re looking for engaging storytellers. Can you sing? Show us. Do you play instruments? We’d love to know that too! Try to keep your submissions no longer than 3-4 minutes.

Callbacks will be held in person on September 18th from 10am-12pm.

In order to create a safe environment for our artists during the rehearsal process and while performing in close proximity onstage, we are requiring proof of full COVID vaccination for all actors hired by the time of callbacks. Please contact us with any questions at